Thursday, February 18, 2021

Scalp Scabs - Picking At Them But What Causes Them? And How To Get Rid Of Crusty Problems

 You keep picking at these scabs on your scalp and probably because the itching can be intense. Often times there are many other problems that accompany the scabs like yellow dandruff, weeping or bleeding, and of course ranging from painful bumps to a little white bump that an occur over a generalized area of the head. 

What is Causing these Scalp Scabs and Sores?

"For nearly 20 Years I suffered from these and finally found something that really worked. An let me tell you I had it bad. I had it on my face including around my nose, white flaking and itching inside my eyebrows, in my ears and of course behind my ears. I felt like I was an oil machine. he sebum on my scalp always seemed really thick. Now that I am in my 50's it's not like this because If I want's using Zincplex then it was crazy for me. I had a dermatologist tell me that I was allergic to me scalp oils. In a weird backwards, lucky way- he was partly right. So here is the gig and don't scan over this. Really read this as it will change your world as it did mine!"

FUNGUS. Yes, that's the answer but don't freak because Everyone, yes Everyone has this fungus. Then why is it a problem for you?

Balance - The answer is balance. The ying and the yang of the scalp is extremely important to keep in check. The fungus which has a technical name of malasezzia furfur is found on every man, woman and child's scalp. Yes baby's too. This fungus lives and co exists at a very normal percentage. however if this percentage becomes lopsided then serious problems being. As the balance grows in favor of the fungus then the problems grow. But truthfully that is just the beginning. Here is what I mean by that.

The common cold is viral but is this nose cold lingers and the snot in your nose is not cleared then it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. The result is a sinus infection that is bacteria and not fungus. It can even stay once the virus is gone. One creates the perfect climate or condition for another

This is What Happens Inside the Hair Follicle!

To eliminate the conditions that can cause so many of the symptoms listed above you have to understand that the hair follicle dips down into the scalp. For many of us this started with heavy antibiotics as a child. This allowed the fungus to grow rampant on the skin and eventually find its way down inside the follicle. With this comes adolesence and then the scalp oils feed the fungus and the bacteria. If a root cleansing shampoo is not used then the results are sebum plugs whether full or partial. Here is a slide of the bacteria growth on the hair root. It is literally being attacked. As this gets worse the scalp scabs picking and itching that you feel like is tough to get relief from grows. 
Scab On Scalp That Won't Go away

What Can You Do For You Head and Hair?

To be honest I did it. I dealt with this so long I came up with a shampoo conditioner and scalp lotion that carried the most potent natural ingredients. These herbs and minerals were studied and proven to help with the cause which is the runaway fungus and bacteria issues. But for long term results you also have to put back in balance the scalps lipid skin barrier. If you do not then this will go right back to where it was. The Problems Are Zinc PCA and Herb Based. You Can Read More About Them Here.

If you have told that you have seborrheic dermatitis or if you suffer from an oily itchy scalp or have yellow dandruff, waxy flakes, intense itching and flaking, dandruff patches, sores or scabs of any kind including weeping, bleeding, open and can be anywhere on the head including the hair line, crown, back of the head or anywhere - do yourself a big favor and try the #1 rated herbal based products. 

It was over 25 years ago when these products were first launched. So many customer think that with the Zincplex products it is the best their hair and scalp, the most healthy, best growing, looks the best and the least symptoms - well so many have that to this day we have many of the original customers as repeat customers. Give it a shot!

Oh By The Way - Here Is The Microscopic Picture of The Hair After Using These Products! Notice That The Black Bacteria and Fungus is Gone! JUST SAYING!!!


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