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What Is The White Gunk and Stuff On My Scalp and In My Hair

 What Is The Waxy White Gunk in My Hair and On Scalp?

It is a combination of sebum mixed with grime, dirt and fungus.Unless you work to solve the underlying problems you will only be able to clear it for a short time if that. Many people try over the counter and even prescribed shampoos with minimal results. But there is a way to handle the white gunk on scalp problems and prevent the waxy build up over the short and long term.

A Long Term and Short Term Remedy?

For the results that you are looking for and ultimately the healthy scalp and hair that we desire you have to start with controlling the amount of sebum produced. This is directly affected by how clean the scalp skin and follicles are of product buildup, dirt, fungus and even bacteria. These can all build up over time. These are also affected by the scalp having a distorted PH level.

Remember that the scalp's best line of defense against intruders is the correct ph or a balanced ph. However, very few (very, very few help to get your scalp's ph level to where it should be). This is one of the 1st things that happens to open the door. Once the build up occurs the follicles began feel the build up - these are called plugged hair follicles. They are also perfect for bacteria and fungus to grow. 

So to solve your problem the Buildup Has To Be Removed on the scalp and inside the follicle otherwise the delicate balance of fungus will spiral out of control. The body will produce more than necessary scalp oils to try ad push the fungus and bacteria outside of the hair follicle. It is a cycle that must be stopped. 

How Do You Restore Balance and Prevent Excess Sebum Production and Fungus Overgrowth

1) Correct The Ph by Using A Shampoo That Has This as A Primary Focus
2) Deep Cleanse Not Just The Hair and Scalp But Mainly The Sebum Plug At The Root and Int Follicle
3) Regulate The Sebum That The Body Produces With Zinc Pca
4) Use Herbs Thyme, Sage, Fenugreek to Melt Away Sebum Plugs and Irrigate The Follicle (vital)
5) Use Burdock To Stimulate Blood Flow

Does Salicylic Acid Work or Shampoos Like Head and Shoulders?

It can help but in our opinion it does nothing to handle the bacteria and fungus build up in the follicle and it also is not designed to limit oil production. These two are vital to a healthy hair and scalp! These shampoos also do not do anything for correcting the skin to a perfect ph that is more acidic than most shampoos can offer. They do help with the fungus issue that is also contributing with this specific hair and scalp problem.

So in Short: Correct The PH, Deep Cleanse and Purify The Follicle Of Hardened Sebum Plugs and Help To Irrigate Fungus and Bacteria From Inside the Follicle, Enhance Blood Supply to the Scalp and Root, Let Zinc pca regulate the sebum production as it has been proven to do naturally!

Be Careful with using harsh detergent based clarifying shampoos. Short term they may seem to help but longer term there is damage that is being done. Remember that this is not just about stripping oils. It is about deep cleansing and detoxifying not just the outter scalp layers but also the inside the follicle where bacteria and fungi can grow and wreak havoc including causing inflammation that closes or pinches down on the hair shaft and follicle.

I Personally Experienced It

We know a lot about this because we lived it. I personally dealt with this since I hit puberty at around 13 and suffered until I was 27. At that point I started working with a product formulation specialist that had just discovered how amazing zinc pca was for the hair and all the benefits. For the next 5 years we perfected a shampoo with various herbs that we call the "the package" and of course zinc pca and then we established how vital it was to have our shampoo at a very specific ph level. To this day  Our Zinc Complex shampoo is a top rated product for establishing healthy hair and scalps all over the world. 

Don't just Clarify! Deep Cleanse and Detox!

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