Saturday, February 20, 2021

Is There A Scalp Fungus That Causes Odor or Stinky Hair Smells

 What Causes Scalp Odor and Smelly Hair - A Fungus

The answer is a whole hearted yes. But it is not always the only reason and more importantly you have to understand why the fungus is thriving on your scalp anyway. To understand this we are adding a couple of pictures that show how can.

If you look at this picture you will see what a hair looks like in the under the microscope. The very bottom is called the medulla and this is where the hair grows from. The bulb. It is where matrix cells reproduce over and over. It is also beneath the scalp line. What you are seeing is a heavy sebum build up. This build actually becomes very hard like sticky rock candy. Remember that this is inside the hair follicle.

The black that you see is a build up of fungus and bacteria. When you have smelly hair or scalp issues this is almost always the culprit. This fungus will carry out onto the scalp as well as and can create  a white gunk build up, waxy coating on the hair or scalp and similar issues. It can also cause itching, flaking and left untreated it can cause scalp sores, scaly patches, bumps, whitehead that can be painful and much more. The smell is the dead giveaway. It can also be seborrheic dermatitis smell as the fungus that causes seb derm also causes odor. It can be mold, mildew, sour, cheese smell and similar. Some people even describe it as vomit. 

How Do You Remove The Sebum Plug from the Follicle or Scalp?

We ourselves this very question roughly 22 years ago. After a lot of testing with both harsh cleansers and herbs especially herbal complexes we found what works best to literally melt away tough or stubborn sebum buildup. We also found the best natural ingredient and studies it. Manufacturer testing shows that ZincPCA is one of the most natural, potent ways to go away fungus on the scalp and bacteria. It is a natural anti bacterial and anti fungal. The results that we got without the zinc or without the purifying herbal complex added were minimal. But with both of these components the results were extraordinary.

What Happens After The Scalp Plug is Removed

Opening the follicle by cleansing the hard sticky sebum, excess oils, dirt, grime, sticky hair products and more allows the follicle to expel the bacteria and fungus. This allows normal oxygen and air to the matrix cells so growth of the hair usually gets back to optimal. Bacteria and Fungus also responds to the zinc to help normalize the scalp. The result is a healthy follicle and skin on the scalp. 

How Do We Know What Works Best?

We began tracking and testing our results with microscopic images. We would analyze the hair under the microscope before and after. This allowed us to see what worked best and how long it took to eliminate even crusty builds up, follicle plugs and more. This is what a healthy hair looks like. It is obvious the difference after the hair has been cleansed with a deep detox shampoo. NOTE: We do not know of a regular clarifying shampoo that will cleanse the sebum plugs. 

We spent years developing Zincplex so we strongly suggest that you try it out for women and men that suffer with fungus issues on the head and in the hair. 


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