Thursday, March 19, 2020

Is There An Antifungal Hand Wash Or Spray For the Corona Virus and Flu

When we first head about the Corona Virus our 1st thought was the recent seminar that we sat through with the manufacturer or essential oils and then some of the research on zinc pca. Anti virals are a big part of prevention of viruses just like the Corona Virus. However, most of the hand soaps today don't really do anything to kill viral germs like stated. This is why we have spent the last month and a half working on a product that combines some of the most potent tested essential oils and also zic pca to add to a hand and face wash. We also have added it to a spritzer. This is really big because the spritzers come out as mists and can get up into the nose and corners of the eyes. These are the main access points of the body for viruses.

The newest hand wash ingredients targets fungal, viral and even bacteria that would contact and stay on the skin. The spray mist or spritzer is a going to be a huge product because it can be sprayed into the air or onto the skin including the face. Both of these can be reapplied after about 3 hours for max benefits. The spritzer does not affect makeup in any way. It is very light.

This spritzer can be used at office areas, desks, homes, cars, steering wheels and high contact areas that you come into contact with on a daily basis. It is also great to spray onto your hands just before and just after public places or contact with people.

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Products include zinc hand wash and also a mist spray that can be used for hands, areas that you touch and to cleanse a room with the mist. Many essential oils have strong anti viral properties. Now with President Trump saying that the Corona Virus is living longer on hard surfaces we are having to make sure that the counter tops, cell phones, grocery carts and more cleansed free for germs. The spray is perfect for this.

Hand and Surface Sanitizers are Back In Stock! Anti Viral Properties

Had Sanitizers and surface sanitizing sprays are in need right now and we have the mist spray cleanser as well as the hand wash that includes the herbs, zinc pca and essential oils that have anti viral properties.

These sell fast so make sure to get yours now. Washing your hands is key but disinfecting areas is absolutely huge with the recent news on the virus. In his Statement Yesterday President Donald Trump said that the Cornona Virus is more contagious than originally thought mainly because of its ability to live on hard surfaces. This means everything from your computer keyboard to your phone, grocery carts and touching counters at stores etc. This is why the mist hand and surface spray with 70% alcohol and all the vital ingredients that are known to combat viral,bacterial and even fungal germs are included.

This can be purchased in a 4 oz bottle or it can be purchased in 8 oz bottles and 32 oz refills.

Friday, January 31, 2020

What Causes A Sensitive or Tender Scalp To Touch

What Causes A Tender Scalp?

If your head, scalp skin or even when you comb you hair it feels tender there could be quite a few different things going on. First of all if you have not seen a dermatologist, doctor then I would just to rule out a few things. However, most of the time here is what we have found to be the problem - scalp bacteria, fungus and or yeast. These cause some serious inflammation inside the hair follicle the entire scalp pays the price.

Do Medicated Shampoos Work On Scalp Tenderness?

Most medicated shampoos simply try to destroy the fungus and the symptoms of the fungus or bacteria issues. What really needs to be done is the scalp needs to be rebalanced with the correct ph which is oe of nature's most intended and original ways to fight bacteria and fungus on the scalp. The 2nd that needs to happen is that hair follicle itself needs a detox

How to Clear Clogged Hair Follicles?

The reason that it can become tricky is because the fungus and bacteria can actually get down inside the hair follicle and hide behind things such as hardened sebum or even dirt and sebum plugs or clogged hair follicles. This allows the bacteria to proliferate.  The result is a serious build up of these and the itching, tenderness, flaking and much more can get out of hand.

This is also why most traditional and even medicate shampoos don't work. They don't ever actually reach the root of the problem. To get the scalp back to healthy it is out belief that we need to open up these clogged hair follicles that cause a tender scalp.  We also believe that the follicles must then be irrigated and purified.

On the right side you will see the inflamed hair follicle. Where it shows the plug- the build up of dirt and grime will be underneath growing as if it were in a greenhouse. The trick is to remove the sebum plug but most, as in almost all are not designed to do this.  Zincplex was designed just for it. But more importantly it is not a medicated shampoo. The ingredients do have anti fungal and anti bacterial properties but it is the herbs that will help to dissolve the sebum plug.

Zincplex has proven itself as the leader in creating the perfect environment for healthy hair and scalp growth. This is huge as there are many factors including the ph of the scalp, herbs used, how harsh are the surfactans, what preservatives and any more factors. 

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What Causes Tender Scalp

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Itchy Face and Scalp Causes? What Works Best

Seborrhea Face - What Causes It?

For may people the itching and flaking on the scalp can also be found on the face, around the nose, cheeks, eyebrows, top of the forehead at the hair line and behind the ears. Foe some it can also be found on the chest. The fact of the matter is that it can happen anywhere that there is a hair follicle - and that doesn't mean a thick hair. The hair can be very small, vellus or just small an thin in general. The redness, scales and flakes can also come with an odor and sometimes a yellow color on the scalp or in the flakes themselves. 

Why does the itching, flaking and redness occur there? 

Simple that is where the sebum or oils are produced. Based on years of hair analysis that we have performed we have found some common denominators with regards to scalp issues and facial or body skin itching and flaking.

If the skin is oily or the scalp seems to be functioning with an excess amount of sebum the most likely cause is imbalance of bacteria and fungi in the scalp and skin. Once of the best things to do to help this is help your body to restore balance. In these people it is tough to say which is causing which. Is the excess oil feeding the bacteria and fungus or is the body excreting the oils to try and push the bacteria and fungus out of the hair follicle. Either way we know that when the oils are controlled so are the symptoms such as the flakes, redness, inflammation, itching and more.

What Cleanser For Seborrheic Dermatitis? Read Below

One of the easiest and best things to do is to wash your face and hair daily and sometimes two times per day if things have escalated. However, we found a mineral called Zinc pca and several herbs that really work well to not only help removed any hardened sebum in the hair follicles, these ingredients are also known to be anti bacterial and anti fungal and the zinc is also a sebum regulator. This is huge because it helps the hair follicle to put out enough oils but not too much.

If you are having these problems on the face, eyebrows, beard, ears, scalp or even genitals - anywhere on the external part of the body then definitely check and see why the Zinc PCa products are consistently voted as the top solutions for symptoms associate with all of these. I know because they changed my life. I had all the symptoms above and more to be honest. 

The Best Face Wash For Seborrheic Dermatitis is Zinc Complex with the minerals and herbs that have been tested over 20 years to help prevent excess amounts of sebum. The results are guaranteed. And once again it was vote the top solution for a scalp detox and best long term results.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Can Stress Cause Hair Loss Thinning Scalp Sores and Other Problems?

Without a doubt we think that stress is the most overlooked cause of may different health problems and that includes your hair and you scalp. You will also see a lot of skin problems with people that suffer from either chronic or acute stress.

Acute stress comes from situations. We have had people contact us that have lost a loved one or lost a job that caused major financial troubles etc. These have all been linked to the sudden hair fall and loss that they had. It can happen to men and to women. Chronic can be more of a slower result on hair and on the scalp. Many people that suffer from skin rashes, burning or itching scalp - some claim it feels like fire. They also say that they feel like they have a super tight scalp skin. This is all related to stress and stressful situations.

What can you do to help your hair and scalp?

If it is acute and based on an even - most of the time it will take a little time but as you adjust the event things will slowly bring themselves back to normal. Without a doubt the top things that you can do are proper nutrition - most people when stressed quick eating or binge eat. Remember that during stress the body will plow through and burn nutrition. So you almost need to act like you are running a marathon every day and give your body what it needs as it is going through it.

The other most important thing that you can do is to stimulate the blood flow to the hair root. These micro capillaries that feed the hair can be squeezed no different than stress and heart attacks. During stressful times everything seems to constrict or tighten. This limits blood flow!

Hair Loss and Stress

Finally, when the blood flow is not as good this is when fungus, bacteria and yeast can begin to thrive. Having ingredients in the shampoo that help to fight these off until normalcy returns is absolutely huge for those that want to prevent long term scalp problems resulting from a stressful event or even long term issues.

In the Zinc Plex Healthy Scalp Shampoo, Conditioner and lotions!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Do Scalp Sores Cause Hair Thinning and Hair Loss?

Based on our experience they can. It is also our opinion that once the cause of the head sores, rash, intense or severe itching is controlled the inflammation is drastically reduced and the hair then grows back fuller. Depending on how much inflammation and how regular the hair may remain much more thin or even vellus.

So What Are The Causes Of Scalp Sores or Even Scalp Inflammation - Redness, Itching, Flaking?

We believe that there are 4 main causes of these.

1) The 1st is the main fungus called malassezia furfur. It is been shown to be at high levels in people with dandruff and even higher levels with people that have seborrheic dermatitis. This fungus grows on every single scalp. It is when the delicate balance gets our of control that problems begin. The fungus can be piggy backed up by other fungi and also by bacteria. The most important thing is that the scalp's natural defense system is now out of balance.

2) The 2nd thing is bacteria as found in problems like folliculitis and also scalp acne, pimples or bumps. This is worsened by sebum plugs or clogged follicles that are the perfect breeding ground for fugi and bacteria.

3) The 3rd are hormones mainly the dht hormone. For may men this simply just causes the hair to thin because of the inflammation that it causes and the squeeze that it puts on the blood supply. It literally chokes the blood supply away. That is why products that are hair blood vessel stimulants typically work for a time is because they stimulate blood flow acting like a pump to bring blood and oxygen to the dermal papilla of the hair or root.

4) the 4th is stress. Our entire next blog post is going to be about stress and how it affects the hair and scalp and what can be done - so w aren't going to say much here. But we will say that we believe Zincplex Shampo and Conditioner works well on all these issues.

The ingredients were designed to open up all hair follicles and free them of unwanted invaders and flush them or unwanted hormones that are flooding the follicle and finally we use herbs to stimulate minor capillary blood flow. The form of zinc that we use is also a very good anti bacterial, anti fungal and also a great hormone blocker.

Not to mention that it helps to get the correct ph back to the scalp to help fight these and it is not supposed to be a balanced 7 like most companies would lead you to believe.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Scalp Odor Causes and Finding The Best Smelly Hair Shampoo

One of the most asked questions that we get is what are scalp odor causes. the cause of smelly scalp or hair is typically the very same cause as body odor. This results from when the delicate balance of fungus and bacteria both good and bad on the body get out of balance. What most products want to do is simply kill some of the bacteria or fungus and hope that everything goes back to good. For people that suffer long term this eradication gives short term results but for something longer term you have to look at what you can do to restore balance to the skin and scalp - mainly the follicles.

What Is The Best Smelly Hair Shampoo? Zincplex

Why the hair follicle is important - whether it be the follicle on the head or anywhere on the body. The follicle is the housing unit where hair growth occurs and it is designed very well. However, because it is a pocket that does down into the skin it can also be a breeding ground for quite a few different bad bacteria fungus and even yeast. When it comes to smelly hair shampoo you have to get to the root of the problem.

More so the top of the follicle can become closed off with many different hair pollutants, sticky hair products, hair gels, hair sprays and more. What most people want to do at this point is clarify but it is our opinion that clarifying shampoos don't get into the hair root to eradicate the build up that allows bacteria and fungus to breed and camp out.

So what is the magic ingredient for all of this? we stumbled onto a company that was using an ingredient called zinc-pca. They were also doing some high level testing on seriously strong herbal complex. You see most people use a 1/2 percent herbal extract. These people were using pure extracts at much much higher levels. This peaked our interest. Watching the testing blew us away. Personal use of these products with the zinc and also these showed us that with out a doubt this was the future of hair care. Well, we should say hair products that get results. 

Can this Fungus Cause Scalp Bumps, Seborrheic Dermatitis or Acne - Scabs?

This same fungus can also cause many different issues like scalp bumps and scalp dandruff . A seborrheic dermatitis shampoo needs to be able to handle this issues mentioned above otherwise it will be an everyday battle against itchy scalp, flaking, redness, yellow looking dandruff, extremely oily scalp, sebum plugs and more.

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