Monday, February 22, 2021

Is Emu Oil The Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry Hair and Scalp

 If you have been doing a lot of research online you will find that one one of the most therapeutic oil, ingredient and however you want to call it is Emu Oil. There are a couples of reasons why that we will go over. But understand that not all hair and skin products are created equal when it comes to how they are made and how much of the vital ingredients are included. Emu, Jojoba and similar oils are not cheap and the price is going. So many might think they are buying a therapy or intense concentrate that will work on your hair and scalp problems when in fact the manufacturer as very little of what matters.

Why Is Emu Oil So Good For Hair and Skin

There are quite a few reasons actually!

Both skin and hair cells reproduce at a very rapid rate. They multiply and the divide very quickly. For this process to happen there are few vital must haves the cells need to do this without the cells losing their vitality. The #1 ingredient is a very specific chain of omega fatty acids acid called omega 3s. But before you go out and buy the pills or any shampoo understand that for the results that you are looking for these need to occur in a chain or block that is not man made. These have to occur naturally as found in very specific oils. Emu oil for hair is probably the most valuable with regards to the this chain for cell reproduction...but there are other benefits as well.

1) The Omegas in Emu Oil Reduce Inflammation which is found in almost all skin pores and hair follicles

2) Emu Oil has a natural anti fungal and anti bacterial properties to it. Many of us that are suffering from scalp and skin problems are fighting unwanted fungus and bacteria inside the follicle and the pore. This can lead to scalp sores and issues, facial skin issues such as anything that causes inflammation in the skin. This alone solves many different issues that women and men face on their facial and scalp skin.

3) Penetrates Very Deeply verusus just coating the surface. When we 1st started working with Emu Oil we were using it with a carrier oil. It penetrates so deeply and it helps to carry vital ingredients with it to the follicle or deep inside the pore where the cellular activity occurs. So while many topicals have great formulations they never reach the targeted areas because the skin is made to be a defense system. This means that emu delivers massive amounts of much needed nutrition to the cellular reproducing parts of the hair and pore where it is needed.

What Results Are We Hearing From Customers

For nearly 20 years we have been selling Premium Emu Oil Products. We believe that the combination of above benefits - well this is why so many people that emu oil works wonders for grey hair. We have many men and women that it helps to restore natural hair color.

Grey Hair - We actually don't know why it works so well so well for greying.

Slow Hair Growth - direct deposit of cellular boosting nutrition in the form of natural chain omega 3s

Dry Scalp and Skin - It penetrates and brings massive hydration to the deepest levels. This includes eczema and dry patches anywhere on the body. Emu oil for dry hair is a must have instead of dmithicones that simply coats. Your hair and skin will never feel softer. It is something that you will feel right away. Nothing penetrates and eliminates dryness like Emu Oil.

Scars - Remember that skin is all about massive reproduction over and over. The anti inflammatory effects, direct fed omegas for healthy reproduction and other things that we can't pinpoint make this the #1 recommendation that we know of for not only scarring on the skin but also to help prevent. Women that are pregnant has great results of never getting stretch marks when they use is during the pregnancy by simply rubbing a couple of drops daily. You will notice that your skin does not feel stretched. It works wonders on the appearance of old and news scars and of course prevention.

These are jut a few of the things that we have studied and created products for. Visit to learn more. 

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