Thursday, March 19, 2020

Is There An Antifungal Hand Wash Or Spray For the Corona Virus and Flu

When we first head about the Corona Virus our 1st thought was the recent seminar that we sat through with the manufacturer or essential oils and then some of the research on zinc pca. Anti virals are a big part of prevention of viruses just like the Corona Virus. However, most of the hand soaps today don't really do anything to kill viral germs like stated. This is why we have spent the last month and a half working on a product that combines some of the most potent tested essential oils and also zic pca to add to a hand and face wash. We also have added it to a spritzer. This is really big because the spritzers come out as mists and can get up into the nose and corners of the eyes. These are the main access points of the body for viruses.

The newest hand wash ingredients targets fungal, viral and even bacteria that would contact and stay on the skin. The spray mist or spritzer is a going to be a huge product because it can be sprayed into the air or onto the skin including the face. Both of these can be reapplied after about 3 hours for max benefits. The spritzer does not affect makeup in any way. It is very light.

This spritzer can be used at office areas, desks, homes, cars, steering wheels and high contact areas that you come into contact with on a daily basis. It is also great to spray onto your hands just before and just after public places or contact with people.

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Products include zinc hand wash and also a mist spray that can be used for hands, areas that you touch and to cleanse a room with the mist. Many essential oils have strong anti viral properties. Now with President Trump saying that the Corona Virus is living longer on hard surfaces we are having to make sure that the counter tops, cell phones, grocery carts and more cleansed free for germs. The spray is perfect for this.


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