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Scalp Buildup Is A Bigger Problem Than You Think - Here Is What To Do For Healthy Hair

Scalp Buildup is more than just left behind shampoo, hair gel, spray and leave in conditioners etc. When these are left behind they can mix with the scalp oils and the sebum to create a very difficult scalp plugs or crusty build up that can lead to a variety of hair growth problems but more importantly they can create yeast and bacteria build up issues. Here are some of the less known issues that scalp build up can cause.

  • Yellow Scabs and Dandruff
  • Smelly Hair and Scalp From a Yeast and Sebum Mix
  • Painful Sores On Scalp
  • Red Scabs On Scalp
  • Hair Follicle Plugs and Hair Thinning and Loss
  • Scabs on Scalp That Won't Heal
  • Itching and Flaking Accompanied by Raised Red or White Scalps
  • Sebum Beads or Crystallized Scalp Oils
  • Scalp Scabs That Itch and Often Bleeds
  • Severe Itching On the Crown of the Head
  • Itching and Flaking at the Hair Line including on the back of the head
  • Flat hair that seems lifeless or dry
  • Extremely coarse hair means it is not getting enough nutrients
  • Plugs and Scalp Congestion Cut Nutrient Flow to the Root an This Means Slow Growth

Remove Scalp Build Up With An Anti Sebum Shampoo

If you are looking to get rid of scalp congestion, or on the scalp then check out the Scalp Scrub and Zincplex Anti Sebum Shampoo for lasting results that means.

Excess sebum is also one of the primary causes of many different scalp conditions that include oily scalp dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis as well as seborrheic eczema. An overactive sebum gland can produce too much of the sticky oils that mix with cholesterol and dirt, product residue and many other things an become hard to remove with regular or traditional shampoos. Oily scalp shampoo needs to have ingredients that regulate the sebum gland.  The over the counter medicated shampoos don't do anything to gt rid of the hardened sebum plugs and scalp congestion. 

Check out the Zincplex Scalp Scrub Shampoo that uses slight abrasion with dead sea salt crystals that you use in a circular motion


Monday, May 3, 2021

Scalp Detox with An Exfoliating Scrub for Dandruff Growth Detox & More

 What Use A Mineral Salt Scrub With Herbs and Sea Salt?

When it comes to cleansing the scalp shampoos can be outdone with the manual exfoliation that the abrasion of the salts offer. This scrubbing or exfoliating typically does much more than a shampoo can to open up clogged hair follicles to remove hardened and crusty sebum build up on the head and also in the hair. They are one of the best ways to cleanse the scalp and hair without having to wash it. Not all scrubs are created equal so look for one that uses the salt crystals but also the herbs to break down build up in the hair. The herbs also help to stimulate the root once the debris and dirt as well as product residue has been removed.

What Do the Scrubs Contain?

A good one contains sea salts that are high in mineral content. These minerals help to rebuild the scalp's layer up and increase the moisture content much better than the synthetics like dimethicone. It is very important you stay away from the ingredients that simply coat the scalp and hair. The sea salts also help to get the skin to the correct ph and this helps with issues like Dandruff, Itching, Flaking all caused by bacteria and fungus.

Some of the best ingredients are those that will break down the sebum and excess or hardened scalp oils that have mixed with keratin and other things. Removing this buildup which can be hard and crystallized or even white and waxy in the hair that look like large soft dandruff flakes or yellow patches of chunked dandruff that can peel off - all of this can be removed with the herbs and not harsh surfactants that are often found in shampoos and cleansers. These herbs are also important for helping to get rid of bacteria, fungus, mites, microbes and more that can cause the itching, flaking, seborrheic dermatitis, severe dandruff and even problems like folliculitis. A scrub is one of the best things that you can do for folliculitis or infected hair follicles. 

Zincplex scalp scrub does not have any of the surfactants. It uses herbs in a conditioner base so it hydrates the hair and the scalp but also uses the herbs to cleanse and zinc pca to detox the follicles including deep inside the pores where the various microbes like bacteria and fungus can occur. The manual part where you use slight pressure to let the small salt crystals works against the skin will help to open up the sebum plugs. This is vital for those with acne or break outs on the head as well as bumps on the back of the head or on the crown and hair line. It is also amazing for dandruff and conditions like Seborrheic dermatitis. This works really good for those with fungal scalp acne click here to see how this can help along with the lotion and special conditioner that does a great job of replenishing an restoring the correct ph. This is what help to get long term results.

Simply search the web for Mineral Scalp Scrub by Zincplex to get this brand new scalp treatment that so many are loving. It is a great way to cleanse and condition the head skin and also the hair without having to use shampoos. Check out any of our online shops sellig Zincplex brand products to get this one shipped directly to your doorstep from the USA to anywhere in the world. 

Scalp Scrub

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

How To Get Rid Of Smelly Hair and A Stinky Scalp

 My Hair Smells Even After I Take A Shower or Wash My Hair?

If you have a sour smell or even a cheese, sulfur, onion or similar smell on your head then you may have what is called Smelly Scalp Syndrome. There are a lot of different theories of what causes this but what mot believe is that the stinky part occurs when there is a buildup of sweat, sebum, fungus, yeast or bacteria. It can be a combination of all of them of just some of them. A Sour smell with an oily scalp most likely has the fungus component. If you are having itching and even some flaking then fungus and sometimes bacteria are involved. If you are getting a crusty build up of hardened sebum then the oils and bacteria may be on the outter part of the head but inside the follicle is a fungus and often a yeast. The fungus is most likely malassezia.

If you have a waxy white build up then sweat, yeast and fungus are most likely involved. Remember that a certain amount of these is normal. It is when they spiral out of control that symptoms are produced. The symptoms can be bad. 

How Do You Remove The Bad Smell?

One of the best thing to do is to remove the hardened sebum plugs that can cover up the openings where the hair exits the head. This build up is called sebum plugs and they wreak havoc on the health and growth of you hair. They can cause everything from as minor as damaged or breaking hair but it can be as difficult as thinning in women or men. It can be spot specific like on the crown or temples or it can be diffuse thinning. 

We recommend the Scalp Scrub and Also The Zinc, Thyme, Sage, Fenugreek Shampoo. The scrub does a good job of unclogging the openings from the sebum plugs and crystallized or hardened oils that can be little balls. However, the scrub can not exfoliate down into the pore where the medulla of the hair grows. This is where the SHAMPOO is so important. If you can flush out the yeast, microbes, mites,  fungus and bacteria. It will also help to remove the food source which are the oils produced by the sebacceous glands. 

Step 1 - Scalp Scrub

Step 2 - Zincplex Shampoo

Step 3 - We Strongly Suggest The Conditioner or Scalp Lotion For Long Term Results. It will help to eliminate a bounce back and helps to get the proper ph to the scalp. It is a protection that is hard to find. The lotion will also help with any mite problems that you might be having as well.

See More Here

Diffuse Thinning of Hair In Women and Men

 What Causes Diffuse Thinning In Women's and Men's Hair?

For most of us there are only a few reasons why the hair begins to thin and the result can be either diffuse or at times it can be accelerated with spots of hair falling and with stress it can also be chunks that fall out. However, here is the low down and what you can do.

What Causes Hair Fall?

For diffuse thinning in women the 3 common culprits are:

1) Stress To The Body - Mental or Physical. This means a shocking event or similar that causes you to mental feel a large amount of stress. This could be a lost job, a relationship that goes bad or even the passing of a family member or close friend. 

But it could also be body stress from a physical event such as a pregnancy, surgery, trauma to the body and similar. Both of these have a similar affect. In all the years of studying hair we were able to determine if stress was causing hair thinning because when we did microscopic hair analysis the hair bulb or medulla when turn yellow. 

2) Especially in women diffuse hair thinning can be from hormones. Dht is the hormone that testosterone is converted in to. There are things that you can do to really help with this. Here is some important information about dht and how to reduce the amount of dht hormone is the scalp hair follicles.

DHT is converted from testosterone and for this to happen an enzyme named 5 alpha reductase is how the conversion occurs. This enzyme feeds off the scalp oils. The greasier the scalp the more abundant the food source for this enzyme. By deep cleansing away clogged hair follicles and really helping to purify the follicle this allows the sebum to keep moving and not just sit inside the follicle as a food source. However Zinc PCA is also one of the best dht blockers in men and women and it is natural. 

3) Clogged Hair Follicles Also Known As Sebum Plugs. The if have oily hair and scalp issues at all then we cannot stress enough how important it is to open up the follicles and remove the grime and all the buildup on the scalp that plugs the follicle. Problems such as sticky hair gel can cause hair loss by blocking hair opening, residue from shampoo and hair sprays or treatments

What Can You Do To Help?

So when you use Zincplex you are combating DHT 3 different ways and all very important. 

This is why Zincplex gets such great feedback from women and men. We also suggest using the Scalp Scrub ( click here ) to open up clogged hair follicles so that the sebum flows as it should. 

1) Deep Cleanse The Hair Follicle And the Follicle Opening

2) Irrigate and Flush The Follicle to Allow The Flow or Sebum, Bacteria, Fungus and Other Pore Clogging or Congestion particles. It also helps to irrigate the build up dht and of course the sebum that the enzyme uses to make dht in the follicles and attach to the hair root.

3) Use Zinc Pca To Block DHT

Shampoo For Diffuse Thinning

Click Here

My Suggestions: If you have not used a scalp scrub to exfoliate the scalp and remove the crusty or waxy buildup then I strongly suggest you do this. This also includes the herbs and zinc pca to help melt away the hardened and crystal sebum deposits as well as sebum beads and balls in the hair.

Monday, March 8, 2021

What Is Scalp Gunk and How Do I Get Rid Of It

 Hyperseborrhea Waxy Build Up White Gunk - Help!

These are all synonymous with those that have an over active sebum gland in the hair and scalp. However, it doesn't always stop there. Many have the same situation with the over oily production on the face, forehead, back, chest, in the eyebrows, around the nose, behind the ears and just about any other crack and crevice that you can think of. It is important and very natural for the body to produce sebum but excess amounts can cause of a lot issues.

Does Excess Sebum Cause Inflammation?

Yes, and in more ways that one. The term hyperseborrhea and it means just like it sounds. It over does it. The sebum itself is not always bad but it almost always turns out to be a problem. Don't worry we are going to tell you how to handle it.

There are a couple of things about the hair and follicles that you should know. Excess sebum on the scalp can be bad because the fungus, bacteria and yeast seem to have a field day when it is in excess. Mixing yeast, fungus and sweat can cause a build up of scalp gunk or white gunk that can be in the hair or on the scalp itself. It almost seems like large chunks of dandruff. It can cause itching, flaking, redness. 

But one of the most important things that it does is help to clog the hair follicle. And when mixed with all the dirt, grime, sticky hair spray, gel, styling aids and even shampoo residue that sebum can be hardened and feel like hard rock candy with a little bit of sticky and a lot clog to it. These do clog the follicle and this allows the yeast, bacteria, and fungus to thrive and with that comes inflammation. The enzyme that feeds the hormone dht also feeds off of the excess sebum. So if you are susceptible to DHT = the hormone that causes hair thinning and loss in both women and men then you may notice happen.

This is why many people talk about oily itchy scalp and thinning hair or loss. Many people with seborrheic dermatitis also complain of thinning because of these same 3 things. The first is inflammation inside the hair follicle and the 2nd is that it feeds the enzyme that converts testoterone to dht which is the hair loss hormone and 3rdly it and 3rd bacteria dn fungal overgrowth that breaks down the micronutient process of actually feeding the hair follicle.


Why Do We Know So Much About Scalp Gunk and Excess Sebum Oils?

We lived it. Yes, the reason that we can explain all of this in great detail to you is that we had the exact problem and probably a little more in depth since many of us also have scalps sores, intense itching and flaking on the hair line, the crown of the head, pimple like bumps on the back of the head that itched unmercifully. I personally had hot spots that would burn and itch on my scalp. I found out that I had clogged hair roots and was harboring some serious bacteria and fungus. Since then I barely deal with my problem any more of hyperseborrhea and itching because of the hyperseborrhea shampoo we developed. I did it a lot of research and some help from giants in the industry on the research side. I did it with a blend of herbs and a magic ingredient called zinc pca.

I Learned The Exact Amount Of  Zinc Pca and Also Specific Herbs

Now my problem is behind me 99% of the time. Every once in a while I will have a flare up but my hair is so much healthier and grows better. Since I started using this when I was 27 I have almost the same amount of hair thinning that I did. This stopped the appearance of seborrheic dermatitis hair thinning in its tracks. I believe because it was mainly due to the inflammation inside the hair follicle. 

I started seeing results in about 2 weeks with what is Now Called Zincplex but in reality about a month. Remember that you have to restore lipid barriers, change the ph, irrigate the hair follicle. This takes some time so give it some time. But a lot of the results will also happen quickly. Enough to let you know that The Zincplex shampoo, Conditioner, Hot Spot Scalp Lotion, Face Wash are the best products for Hyperseborrhea, Seborrheic Dermatitis and Clogged Hair Follicles. Don't clarify - detoxify!

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What is the Best Shampoo for Oily Thin Hair?

What Shampoo Do I Use For Thin Oily Hair

When were were developing Zincplex one of the things that we really took into account was for those that wanted to thicken their hair and still deal with greasy hair and scalp. So in the oily hair care line that we did we added one of the best thickening agents you can add to a shampoo and it's not cheap. Panthenol. But there are different forms of this vitamin. 

What Is Panthenol and How Does It Help Thin Hair?

It helps strengthen the outter and the inner part of the hair shaft.  It does retain moisture at levels similar to hyaluronic acid,  and improves the overall feel and texture of damaged hairPanthenol is available in many different levels of quality and of course as you know not all of these will give you the desired results that you might be looking for.

One of the reasons that we use form of vitamin b-5 is because it works from the inside of the hair shaft out. This is vital if you are trying to plump hair. If you coat it the hair just simply weights down. We want thicker, full of style hair that is plump and thick but not coarse and lifeless.

Control The Amount of Scalp Oil Being Produced By The Sebum Gland

Over time excess scalp oils can lead to a lot of different problems including white waxy build ups and gunk, hair thinning and loss, out of balance yeast, fungus and bacteria and more. Our Zincplex shampoo and conditioner both use Panthenol to fill the hair from the inside out with moisture and fluff with panthenol vitamin but we also use Zinc pca to limit the amount of oil that the scalp and hair has produced for it. This is big for those that have oily thin hair.So if you are asking what is the best shampoo for oily thin hair then check out the Zincplex Purify shampoo and see why that is the top seller for people with scalp problems such as oily, seborrhea, hyperseborrhea, seborrheic dermatitis, oily dandruff and even hair thinning with greasy hair issues. These can all be combined to create problems. See how Zincplex deals with these problems using natural and herbal ingredients.

Learn More About Zincplex Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp Lotion Products For Healthy Hair and Scalp!

What is The Best Clarifying Shampoo for Product Build Up

 What Are The Top 3 Clarifying Shampoos?

The answer is that we don't know but before you leave understand that you don't want a clarifying shampoo. There I said it. That is not what you want. Why? Clarifying Shampoos simply strip everything away including the most important outter layer of skin that it is the #1 protector of your scalp in many ways. It is the lipid barrier so it holds moisture in and keeps bacteria and fungus at bay. Fungus like the same fungus that causes dandruff and other scalp conditions. You want scalp buildup removal without the harsh damaging effects. But how?

What Shampoo Will Deep Clean Without Stripping and Remove Product Build Up Without Destroying The Lipid Barrier.

Now that is a much better question. A large portion of that is going on with hair problems to day is because of fungal and bacterial being aggressive an the normal balance swinging to their side. When the scalp is healthy, the ph of the scalp skin correct and the follicles open then scalp problems are kept at bay. 

What Shampoo Do We Use To Melt Away Scalp Build Up Including Years of Sebum, Product Residue and More?

Zincplex! Without A doubt, hands down, the best way to deep cleanse, restore balance and allow proper balance with ph and fungal growth to occur. The researched blend of herbs is just that. Researched for nearly 20 years now and tweaked each year to be able to dissolve the excess sebum build up. Zinc pca is a known and proven anti fungus and anti bacterial natural ingredient. The synergy of these natural ingredients beats the harsh stripping and we guarantee that you won't have to deal with the issues that happen after using harsh clarifiers on your scalp and hair.

Go to Zincplex Website at to see Before and After Hair Root Pictures

We have searched and have not found any other company that shows before and and after hair root pictures of those that have used the product to remove the sebum build up, scalp plugs and clogged hair follicles like Zincplex does. You can see the results as far down as the root of the hair. This shampoo is more than a fresh start. It is a clean start for optimal hair growth.

Try Zincplex Today and Let It Remind You Of What A Super Healthy Scalp Feels Like. And with that comes healthy hair growth. There are a lot of hair issues that come with product build up and the chain of events that happen if the root is not cleansed. Try It Today. There are quite a different places to buy Zincplex online. Great for women and men and hair types from normal to oily and even super greasy. Guaranteed Results.

If you are having a lot of scalp issues and your hair is more on the dry side or maybe you scalp is then you will want to try the jojoba deep scalp cleanser with argan oil that is also made by Zincplex.