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Does Stress Cause Hair Loss Or Other Scalp Problems like Itching and Flaking

 Stress Can Wreak Havoc On You Hair Growth and Health

Stress has an affect that is more like a chain reaction. It is dominoes that continue to fall down the line. One of the 1st things that happens is that the body refocuses blood flow when there are critical stress times such as a loss of a love one or an event that is marked and important in your life. These are not chronic but instead referred to as acute

Is There Anything You Can Do To Help With Hair Problems During Stress Times?

Stress Can Cause Diffuse Thinning Or Hair Loss in Spots Anywhere On The Head

In both men and women the effects of stress vary but both can see patchy hair loss, diffuse thinning, grey or greying all over, in spots and sometimes in one concentrated spot. Read below to see what your best alternatives are. In over 22 years of study and research the products below are what we feel give the best opportunity to set the playing field back to level. 

3 Things You Must Do To Keep Hair Healthy During Heavy Stress Times

These are the 3 things that you should focus on to keep hair growing as it should be growing. It is important also for both men and women to do specific things to help keep your natural hair color. Grey or greying hair is one of the most notorious effects of chronic stressful times.

1) Feed Hair Omega's both topically and also internally. The best topical for hair to add omega's in a natural chain and not broken down is with emu oil. The old wives tale of it preventing grey hair and evening darkening hair to its natural color. For prevention we know that it is true for darkening we have many of our customers that say that it helps to restore their natural hair color in a subtle way. But it won't be as much as if you had a die job. The #1 thing that we know it does it feed the medulla the necessary ingredients to grow properly. This is huge because stress diverts nutrition and blood flow to major organs. Your hair is not. The blood supply that feeds the hair is micro at best. Topically applying omega oils in a form that will penetrate into the scalp is vital. 

We believe that there is only 1 way to do this and that is with Emu Oil. You can use the Emu shampoo and conditioner or also the topically applied oil. The oil itself is going to deliver the most nutrients directly to the root.

2) Blood Flow Must Be Stimulated to the hair root. We believe that this is vital as it will also help with vital nutrition that comes through the blood vessel. Also topically applied vitamins to aid in protein formation (hair is made up of amino acids that form protein chains) is vital. For this we believe that the Biotin Hair Topical is the best product. 

3) Hair Vitamins - Not just any vitamin but those that are specifically designed with the hair and skin reproduction in mind. These are the amino acids and many of the b and similar vitamins that are needed by the body to produce the long and short protein chains. The vitamin formulated with ENS Bio is just for hair and specifically designed for getting the hair and the skin to grow optimally. This means that the diversion that is caused by stress can be alleviated by supplying the system with an abundance. Remember that stress in one day of your life will tax your nervous system physically the same way as if you had run a half marathon. You must replenish.

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Over 1/2 of All Women Have Clogged Follicles With Build Up and 40% of Men

 Not Just A Problem For Men or Women - Clogged Hair Follicles

If you are wondering what is going on with your hair these days or maybe you are having some difficult scalp problems such as peeling, flaking, red spots or any type of irritation and you can't figure out why - well then its time to start taking a more microscopic approach - literally.

What Does The Hair Follicle Under The Microscope Show Us?

For nearly 20 years we have been using the microscope to look at the root of the hair after it was pulled from the head. We do this to see what is going on with the root. By performing these microscopic hair analysis we learned a lot, a whole lot.

We found that just about every woman had some type of buildup up around the hair follicle. We also discovered that the those that had sebum coating the hair also had blackness on the root which was bacteria and fungus. These are the people that also had the most hair issues by far. When we were able to develop cleansers good enough to get the hair root clean we found that most all hair and scalp symptoms went away. 

You would think that the women and men that didn't wash their hair that much had the worst problems but the truth is that some of the most cleanly of the bunch had some of the worst root problems. Washing your hair mattered for the hair shaft but not the root, not unless you used a very specific shampoo. 

A Deep Cleanser and Follicle Re-Balancing Was Born

We learned that clarifying only dealt with the surface of the hair and did nothing for the root which is where the hair health was determined. We did learn how valuable certain herbal extracts were to remove hardened sebum and reopen hair follicles. Yes it also gets rid of sticky hair, sebum beads and even the waxy build up but still the root health is most valuable.

Men and women that were dealing with even the toughest of problems like scalp pustules, acne and pimples on the head, smelly hair and scalp, dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis symptoms, excessively oily hair and scalp and more. We found that all of the can be found by the health of the hair follicle and of course the scalp. 

A Very Special and Effective Blend of Herbs help to give a fresh and powerful start to all of your hair follicles. There are tiny blood vessels that attach to the root and these must be stimulated as well. Removing the trash is vital to long term health.

If you are wanting to create a healthy scalp and the perfect environment then check us out for more i depth information. Thanks

Can and Oily Scalp Cause Hair Loss in Men and Women

 What Are The Causes Of An Oily Scalp?

This is a bit of a trick question because many people are predisposed to excess sebum as a genetic trait while others tend to create the conditions that trigger the sebum gland to produce more sebum. The answer for most adults that have an abundance of oils in the hair or on the scalp is that they need to do some scalp work to get it back to healthy again.

The oils that the sebaceous gland produces are often in response to dirt, grime, residue from hair problems an even chemical burns from perms etc. These can get down into the follicle. The body's response is to product scalp oils. This is an effort to try and push the bacteria, fungus and even dirt out of the follicle. If there is not a good result with this then the gland will produce even more

What Is The Scalp's Lipid Barrier?

All skin on the body has a lipid barrier and this needs to be at a certain moisture percentage and the ph needs to be at a certain level to prevent fungus and bacteria from thriving on the head. Another scenario is when the scalp is being stripped of its lipid barrier by harsh shampoos can cause an over production of sebum. 

So many of today's hair products actually damage the lipid barrier of the scalp skin and are setting you up for long and short term problems. This is why you have to be very careful with the Clarifying Shampoos. Product buildup is not good but harsh chemical degreasers is not a good answer as it will only trigger hyper active sebum glands.

The Link To Oily Sebum and Hair Loss or Thinning In Women and Men

There are actual several links. 

1) Dht. Both men and women are susceptible to hair thinning from the hormone called Dht. This occurs when Testosterone is converted to DHT.  TO do this an enzyme called 5 alpla reductase is present. This enzyme feeds off your scalp oils. By limited your scalp oils you in turn massively limit the enzyme so you don't get the conversion.

The ingredient most effective at limiting scalp oil production or sebum is ZINC PCA. It has been proven to act like a thermostat. It does not completely shut it off. Instead it regulates. You don't want to completely shut off the oils or the lipid barrier will break down and you will have a lot different scalp skin problems from sores, lesions, crust, bumps and similar. 

2) When Excess Sebum on Scalp is produced it can cause follicle plugs where the sebum mixes with the dirt and even grime from the scalp as well as the salt deposits from sweat, hair sprays, gels and more. These gather at follicle openings where they act as a plug to prevent follicle cleansing as well as oxygen from reaching the follicle.

It gets worse because when the plug occurs the inside part of the follicle starts breeding the bacteria and fungus. The response is for the gland to produce more oils to put this out but it can't because of the plug and then bumps, itching, flaking, redness, folliculitis and much more can occur. Sores and lesions as well as bumps of many kinds become prominent.

Here Is How We Solve This

1) A Shampoo and Lotion was created to help with all of the above. There are a lot of details I could share bt know that that it has proven herbs to break down hardened and crusty sebum plugs and it does this without stripping the lipid barrier.

2) Zinc Pca is nature's solution as it not only limits sebum production it is a natural bacteria and fungus killer.

The result is that the scalp including the hair follicles are detoxified. The lipid barrier restores itself and the amount of sebum is reduced. Creating this healthy environment works on symptoms of so many different hair and scalp issues that it is an all encompassing remedy for excess oils that may be causing a lot of different issues.

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What Is The White Gunk and Stuff On My Scalp and In My Hair

 What Is The Waxy White Gunk in My Hair and On Scalp?

It is a combination of sebum mixed with grime, dirt and fungus.Unless you work to solve the underlying problems you will only be able to clear it for a short time if that. Many people try over the counter and even prescribed shampoos with minimal results. But there is a way to handle the white gunk on scalp problems and prevent the waxy build up over the short and long term.

A Long Term and Short Term Remedy?

For the results that you are looking for and ultimately the healthy scalp and hair that we desire you have to start with controlling the amount of sebum produced. This is directly affected by how clean the scalp skin and follicles are of product buildup, dirt, fungus and even bacteria. These can all build up over time. These are also affected by the scalp having a distorted PH level.

Remember that the scalp's best line of defense against intruders is the correct ph or a balanced ph. However, very few (very, very few help to get your scalp's ph level to where it should be). This is one of the 1st things that happens to open the door. Once the build up occurs the follicles began feel the build up - these are called plugged hair follicles. They are also perfect for bacteria and fungus to grow. 

So to solve your problem the Buildup Has To Be Removed on the scalp and inside the follicle otherwise the delicate balance of fungus will spiral out of control. The body will produce more than necessary scalp oils to try ad push the fungus and bacteria outside of the hair follicle. It is a cycle that must be stopped. 

How Do You Restore Balance and Prevent Excess Sebum Production and Fungus Overgrowth

1) Correct The Ph by Using A Shampoo That Has This as A Primary Focus
2) Deep Cleanse Not Just The Hair and Scalp But Mainly The Sebum Plug At The Root and Int Follicle
3) Regulate The Sebum That The Body Produces With Zinc Pca
4) Use Herbs Thyme, Sage, Fenugreek to Melt Away Sebum Plugs and Irrigate The Follicle (vital)
5) Use Burdock To Stimulate Blood Flow

Does Salicylic Acid Work or Shampoos Like Head and Shoulders?

It can help but in our opinion it does nothing to handle the bacteria and fungus build up in the follicle and it also is not designed to limit oil production. These two are vital to a healthy hair and scalp! These shampoos also do not do anything for correcting the skin to a perfect ph that is more acidic than most shampoos can offer. They do help with the fungus issue that is also contributing with this specific hair and scalp problem.

So in Short: Correct The PH, Deep Cleanse and Purify The Follicle Of Hardened Sebum Plugs and Help To Irrigate Fungus and Bacteria From Inside the Follicle, Enhance Blood Supply to the Scalp and Root, Let Zinc pca regulate the sebum production as it has been proven to do naturally!

Be Careful with using harsh detergent based clarifying shampoos. Short term they may seem to help but longer term there is damage that is being done. Remember that this is not just about stripping oils. It is about deep cleansing and detoxifying not just the outter scalp layers but also the inside the follicle where bacteria and fungi can grow and wreak havoc including causing inflammation that closes or pinches down on the hair shaft and follicle.

I Personally Experienced It

We know a lot about this because we lived it. I personally dealt with this since I hit puberty at around 13 and suffered until I was 27. At that point I started working with a product formulation specialist that had just discovered how amazing zinc pca was for the hair and all the benefits. For the next 5 years we perfected a shampoo with various herbs that we call the "the package" and of course zinc pca and then we established how vital it was to have our shampoo at a very specific ph level. To this day  Our Zinc Complex shampoo is a top rated product for establishing healthy hair and scalps all over the world. 

Don't just Clarify! Deep Cleanse and Detox!

What Causes Yellow Dandruff and How Do You Get Rid Of it

 Why Do I Have Yellow Dandruff?

For many of the people that suffer with dandruff they never fully realize the causes of the itching and flaking. So we are going to give you a quick run down. First thing you need to know is that the yellow part is the sebum. 

What Is Sebum and What Does It Have To Do With Dandruff?

Inside of the hair follicle is where the hair growth occurs. This is the medulla center or bulb of the hair. The center of the hair follicle has the matrix cells. These reproduce over and over again by multiplying and dividing to grow up and out of the scalp. Also inside the follicle is the sebaceous gland. This is where the sebum or scalp oils are produced. Once it is produced the oil is pushed out of the follicle distribute out onto the scalp's skin.  It is important to note that sebum has a bit of golden or yellow color to it. It is also one of the defenses of the follicle to push out bacteria and fungus from inside the follicle. This is important since many different fungi naturally live on the scalp. This sebum is the reason that the and the flakes turn yellow which in turn causes yellow dandruff but the real question how do you get rid of the symptoms including the flakes, redness, raised scabs, redness and more.

What Does It Have To Do With Dandruff, Itching, Flaking?

The short answer is that the hair oils also carry the bodies sugars and a food supply for the fungus that can live inside the follicle. So if you are overproducing the fungus food source it too will multiply. This means that many people that have oily scalp also have what we term dandruff as well as an extreme version called seborrheic dermatitis. The real problem comes in when sebum gets trapped down inside the hair follicles because the follicle opening at the scalp gets covered up and plugged. This can be done with sebum that is not cleansed away or with a combination of dirt and debris as well as sticky hair products like hair gels, hair sprays and even shampoos that leave residues.

What Can Help With This Yellow Scabbing, Flakes and Similar Problems?

Remember that dandruff is malasezzia furfur fungus. This fungus will feed off excess scalp oils and what is inside the oils that is carried by the body's nutrient delivery system. So if you are having problems with seborrhea and symptoms of dandruff or seb derm then limit the amount of sugars, and wash your hair more. That will give you short term relief from symptoms. However if you want longer relief and to rebalance the scalp back to healthy again you need to do a little more.

What Has To Be Done For A Healthy Scalp?

The 1st thing that you have to do with eliminate the excess fungus that is trapped inside the follicles. The second is get the scalp's ph balance back to normal. The 3rd is you need to cut the production of scalp oils. The products that we created were formulated for this very problem.

Zincplex Shampoo Conditioner and Scalp Lotion use an ingredient called zinc pca. This amazing form of zinc is nature's way of handling fungus and bacteria at the same time. That is important because anti fungal agents can allow bacteria levels to rise and vice versa. Zinc pca (we have all heard of zinc) is anti both bacteria and fungus. But more amazing is its ability to regulate sebum production from the sebaceous glands. That is huge in the fight to normalize your scalp and hair. 

So If You Want Long Term Results - Click Here To See Products That Can Help.

What Causes Greasy Or Oily Hair In Men and How To Get Rid Of It

 What Causes Excess Sebum On the Scalp and Hair In Men

May men complain of the excess sebum that the gland puts out and how it can cause a lot of different and unique problems that it can cause. In many men having the excess scalp oils can lead to itching, flaking, waxy buildup, an even plugged hair follicles that can lead to diffuse thinning all over the scalp. The oils that are in the scalp are also part of what feeds the male hormone dht. It actually feeds the alpha reductase enzyme which converts testosterone to dht. Remember that dht is the #1 cause of hair loss in men and also can lead to scalp irritations etc. 


Does It Worse or Better As You Get Older

Typically it does not get worse in term of the amount of the sebum that the gland produces. However, the symptoms can if they are never handled. This is why it is best to detox the scalp. The sebum is necessary and you definitely want a healthy flow. However, if there is bacteria or too many of the dht hormones you will be feeding those and allowing them to spiral out of control and the result is many of the hair problems listed above. Probably the #1 oily scalp and hair problem that men complain of is dandruff and the 2nd is clogged hair follicles. Of course greasy hair in itself is not the way that you want your hair to look. Often times you see men with that shine on their scalp.

Can Shampoos Cause Greasy Hair

Yes, if you are using too harsh of a shampoo it will strip away the oils and this signals the sebaceous glands to produce more. We see this a lot in cheaper shampoos that use harsh surfactants. They literally strip everything. Remember that YOU DO WANT A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF SCALP OILS being produced on a regular basis. So using harsh cleansers on the face or scalp will almost always result in a signal to produce more oils.

Should I Use A Clarifying Shampoo

This has to be answered on a case by case basis depending on what ingredients are in a shampoo. You are much better of using an herbal shampoo without the harsh stripping agents and forget dimethicone. You never want that in a shampoo. Some of the so called " Best Clarifying Shampoos " for men are so harsh that they destroy the lipid barrier in the scalp and the result can take a very long to fix.

Does Greasy Hair Cause Itching, Flaking, Dandruff or Even Thinning Hair

There are a certain chain of events that do promote the above issues or problems. The trick is to remove all dirt debris, remove build up even hardened sebum on the scalp that be like rock candy. This must be removed otherwise it allows fungus ad bacteria to flourish inside the hair follicle and the problems occurs. This is similar to changing your air or fuel filter in your car. If you do not problems are starting and its just a question of how long it takes.

Instead of Clarifying Think Detox and Deep Cleanse Including the Root

If you have GREASY HAIR then this is the part that matters to you. There is one ingredient that has been proven in speific amounts to regulate the amount of sebum the scalp produces and it is ZincPCa.

Almost 25 years ago we started experimenting with this amazing mineral and also a specific complex of herbs that we found to melt away the build up around the hair follicles. This was a huge find for both men and women. When we combined that ZincPCa a product called Zincplex was formed and it turned out to be one of the best selling HEALTHY HAIR AND SCALP SHAMPOOS on the market. It was won numerous awards always getting better results that the big companies. It is not cheap to make but the results are phenomenal. If you want to handle your greasy hair and create the perfect environment for healthy hair then check out the #1 Detox and Deep Cleanse Shampoo for Men and see why we have repeat customers from almost 18 years ago. 

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Does Emu Oil For acne Scars Work?

 What is in Emu Oil

This oil is one of the richest in Omega 3's and 6's and 9's. The fatty acid chain in this is like no other oil out there. You will here some talk about Olive Oil, Jojoba, Coconut and similar but none of these really can do what emu oil can. It has so many impressive properties for skin and hair that it didn't take long for it to bust out onto the market. But most main stream beauty manufacturers prefer to use other oils - why? Because they are cheaper. Its that simple. It you put the amount of oil and purify it the way that you should the oil is not cheap.

Why Is Emu Oil Good For Hair Skin and More?

For years it was one of the oldest traditions in the south to use Emu oil for scrapes, scars, burns, on the skin and hair. Many believed that it blocks to hormones in women and men that cause a lot of issues. The hormone is dht. It is responsible for facial hair in women and hair loss on the crown or scalp for men. Many believe that a significant decrease the above mentioned occur with just a few drops a day rubbed into the skin.

Beneficial Properties:

1) Anti Inflammatory

2) Deepest Penetrating Oil which is important to reach the deepest, cellular level reproduction levels of skin and the dermal papilla of the hair.

3) Loaded with natural chain omega fatty acids. Remember that every cell that is reproduced on the body needs these to reproduce optimally. This is why many people report darker hair growth (normal hair color versus grey), the reduction in appearance of scars, smoother skin that is vibrant because of extreme hydration and the same with hair. The hydration occurs from the inside out.

4) Too Many Benefits to List Here

Why Does It Work On Scars.

Two important things need to happen to work with the scars. The 1st thing to determine is how old is the scar or if you are trying to prevent scars. Scars are skin that was damaged and with this often comes discoloration. The best approach is to help remove the hardened dead skin and then help the area produce new and vibrant skin in that area.

Here Is To Use The Oil For Scars That You Have Had For A While: 

Emu oil will help to soften the skin in scarred areas. So scars that have been there for a period of time from acne, pimples, surgery, c section or just about any other reason you will want to use emu oil for several days to hydrate and soften the skin. Then use a good microderm abrasion cream to help remove the dead skin cells. For raised or pitted scars this step is vital. Then apply the oil daily. You will still want to smooth skin 3 to 4 times per week with the microderm cream. This is a gentle process so don't over do it.

What To Do For Newer Scars

Right away get to the Emu Oil and apply 2 times per day on the area such as cheeks and forehead. You will notice that if you are still suffering from acne that it will help to calm the acne caused by hormones and also pimples caused by bacteria or even fungus. You can also use the microderm cream for scars but make sure to be gentle as the newer scar does not have the hard skin cell build up like the aged one does. 

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What To Do For Prevention of Marks and Skin Stretching

This is almost always in preparation for women's tummy's expanding from getting pregnant and having a baby. We strongly suggest emu oil to prevent stretch marks. I personally can attest to this one. My skin would feel like it was ripping if I even skipped one after about my 4th month. It was a daily thing for me. After I had my child I did not have a single mark. Granted I was very generous with the amount of oil that I used and I made sure to use it daily. But not one mark. The same with my second child.

If you are thinking of trying emu oil we can't suggest enough that you do. It is truly one of the best healing oils for not just the skin and scalp or hair but also for other issues that you may or may not heard of. Because it penetrates so deep it is one of the best carrier oils and this means that the other potent ingredients in the products are also carries through the skin with it and this means much better results. Skin hair and Joint products efficacy is based on deep penetration