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Can Oily Scalp Cause Hair Loss in Men and Women

 What Are The Causes Of An Oily Scalp?

This is a bit of a trick question because many people are predisposed to excess sebum as a genetic trait while others tend to create the conditions that trigger the sebum gland to produce more sebum. The answer for most adults that have an abundance of oils in the hair or on the scalp is that they need to do some scalp work to get it back to healthy again.

The oils that the sebaceous gland produces are often in response to dirt, grime, residue from hair problems an even chemical burns from perms etc. These can get down into the follicle. The body's response is to product scalp oils. This is an effort to try and push the bacteria, fungus and even dirt out of the follicle. If there is not a good result with this then the gland will produce even more

What Is The Scalp's Lipid Barrier?

All skin on the body has a lipid barrier and this needs to be at a certain moisture percentage and the ph needs to be at a certain level to prevent fungus and bacteria from thriving on the head. Another scenario is when the scalp is being stripped of its lipid barrier by harsh shampoos can cause an over production of sebum. 

So many of today's hair products actually damage the lipid barrier of the scalp skin and are setting you up for long and short term problems. This is why you have to be very careful with the Clarifying Shampoos. Product buildup is not good but harsh chemical degreasers is not a good answer as it will only trigger hyper active sebum glands.

The Link To Oily Sebum and Hair Loss or Thinning In Women and Men

There are actual several links. 

1) Dht. Both men and women are susceptible to hair thinning from the hormone called Dht. This occurs when Testosterone is converted to DHT.  TO do this an enzyme called 5 alpla reductase is present. This enzyme feeds off your scalp oils. By limited your scalp oils you in turn massively limit the enzyme so you don't get the conversion. Healthy scalp detox shampoo Zincplex gives you all that you need. 

The ingredient most effective at limiting scalp oil production or sebum is ZINC PCA. It has been proven to act like a thermostat. It does not completely shut it off. Instead it regulates. You don't want to completely shut off the oils or the lipid barrier will break down and you will have a lot different scalp skin problems from sores, lesions, crust, bumps and similar. 

2) When Excess Sebum on Scalp is produced it can cause follicle plugs where the sebum mixes with the dirt and even grime from the scalp as well as the salt deposits from sweat, hair sprays, gels and more. These gather at follicle openings where they act as a plug to prevent follicle cleansing as well as oxygen from reaching the follicle. A good oily scalp shampoo for women and men needs to regulate the sebum gland and not just strip the hair. 

It gets worse because when the plug occurs the inside part of the follicle starts breeding the bacteria and fungus. The response is for the gland to produce more oils to put this out but it can't because of the plug and then bumps, itching, flaking, redness, folliculitis and much more can occur. Sores and lesions as well as bumps of many kinds become prominent.

Here Is How We Solve This

1) A Shampoo and Lotion was created to help with all of the above. There are a lot of details I could share bt know that that it has proven herbs to break down hardened and crusty sebum plugs and it does this without stripping the lipid barrier.

2) Zinc Pca is nature's solution as it not only limits sebum production it is a natural bacteria and fungus killer.

The result is that the scalp including the hair follicles are detoxified. The lipid barrier restores itself and the amount of sebum is reduced. Creating this healthy environment works on symptoms of so many different hair and scalp issues that it is an all encompassing remedy for excess oils that may be causing a lot of different issues.

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