Monday, June 7, 2021

Scalp Buildup Is A Bigger Problem Than You Think - Here Is What To Do For Healthy Hair

Scalp Buildup is more than just left behind shampoo, hair gel, spray and leave in conditioners etc. When these are left behind they can mix with the scalp oils and the sebum to create a very difficult scalp plugs or crusty build up that can lead to a variety of hair growth problems but more importantly they can create yeast and bacteria build up issues. Here are some of the less known issues that scalp build up can cause.

  • Yellow Scabs and Dandruff
  • Smelly Hair and Scalp From a Yeast and Sebum Mix
  • Painful Sores On Scalp
  • Red Scabs On Scalp
  • Hair Follicle Plugs and Hair Thinning and Loss
  • Scabs on Scalp That Won't Heal
  • Itching and Flaking Accompanied by Raised Red or White Scalps
  • Sebum Beads or Crystallized Scalp Oils
  • Scalp Scabs That Itch and Often Bleeds
  • Severe Itching On the Crown of the Head
  • Itching and Flaking at the Hair Line including on the back of the head
  • Flat hair that seems lifeless or dry
  • Extremely coarse hair means it is not getting enough nutrients
  • Plugs and Scalp Congestion Cut Nutrient Flow to the Root an This Means Slow Growth

Remove Scalp Build Up With An Anti Sebum Shampoo

If you are looking to get rid of scalp congestion, or on the scalp then check out the Scalp Scrub and Zincplex Anti Sebum Shampoo for lasting results that means.

Excess sebum is also one of the primary causes of many different scalp conditions that include oily scalp dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis as well as seborrheic eczema. An overactive sebum gland can produce too much of the sticky oils that mix with cholesterol and dirt, product residue and many other things an become hard to remove with regular or traditional shampoos. Oily scalp shampoo needs to have ingredients that regulate the sebum gland.  The over the counter medicated shampoos don't do anything to gt rid of the hardened sebum plugs and scalp congestion. 

Check out the Zincplex Scalp Scrub Shampoo that uses slight abrasion with dead sea salt crystals that you use in a circular motion