Friday, February 26, 2021

Over 1/2 of All Women Have Clogged Follicles With Build Up and 40% of Men

 Not Just A Problem For Men or Women - Clogged Hair Follicles

If you are wondering what is going on with your hair these days or maybe you are having some difficult scalp problems such as peeling, flaking, red spots or any type of irritation and you can't figure out why - well then its time to start taking a more microscopic approach - literally.

What Does The Hair Follicle Under The Microscope Show Us?

For nearly 20 years we have been using the microscope to look at the root of the hair after it was pulled from the head. We do this to see what is going on with the root. By performing these microscopic hair analysis we learned a lot, a whole lot.

We found that just about every woman had some type of buildup up around the hair follicle. We also discovered that the those that had sebum coating the hair also had blackness on the root which was bacteria and fungus. These are the people that also had the most hair issues by far. When we were able to develop cleansers good enough to get the hair root clean we found that most all hair and scalp symptoms went away. 

You would think that the women and men that didn't wash their hair that much had the worst problems but the truth is that some of the most cleanly of the bunch had some of the worst root problems. Washing your hair mattered for the hair shaft but not the root, not unless you used a very specific shampoo. 

A Deep Cleanser and Follicle Re-Balancing Was Born

We learned that clarifying only dealt with the surface of the hair and did nothing for the root which is where the hair health was determined. We did learn how valuable certain herbal extracts were to remove hardened sebum and reopen hair follicles. Yes it also gets rid of sticky hair, sebum beads and even the waxy build up but still the root health is most valuable.

Men and women that were dealing with even the toughest of problems like scalp pustules, acne and pimples on the head, smelly hair and scalp, dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis symptoms, excessively oily hair and scalp and more. We found that all of the can be found by the health of the hair follicle and of course the scalp. 

A Very Special and Effective Blend of Herbs help to give a fresh and powerful start to all of your hair follicles. There are tiny blood vessels that attach to the root and these must be stimulated as well. Removing the trash is vital to long term health.

If you are wanting to create a healthy scalp and the perfect environment then check us out for more i depth information. Thanks

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