Sunday, February 21, 2021

What Can I Do To Get Rid Of Beard Dandruff Itching and Flaking

 What Causes Beard Dandruff?

The same thing that causes the itching, flaking, redness and even scabs and sore is the same thing that causes it on the face. The fungus malasezzia furfur feeds of the scalp oils inside the hair follicles. This is why when you shave your beard the symptoms discussed above typically go away. That would actually work with your heard as well and even eyebrows but you would have to do this daily. However there are much better ways to eliminate the symptoms discussed above.

What Can I Do To Make Beard Dandruff Away?

When you are having symptoms like itching flaking and redness it is not because of the fungus. It is because of an imbalance of the fungus. This means that the normal balance has swayed in favor of the bad guys. Remember that they feed off the oils but truthfully it is what is inside the oils. The sugars to be exact. So to remove the food source simply deep cleanse the follicle. This is why you need a special product for the face and the beard follicle to get results against beard dandruff. The ingredient that you need to be focused on is zinc pca and the herbs are thymus vulgaris or thyme, sage, fenugreek and a few others. Why? because they deep cleanse and purify the follicle whether it be on the face or the scalp or in the eyebrows. This is also the case behind the ears and around the nose and eyelids where these same symptoms can occur.

What Is Beard Seborrhea and Does It Cause Red Skin On My Face

Beard seborrhea is a fancy way of saying that you have dandruff itching flaky skin and other problems including redness on the face and it is caused by excess oils. But remember that the excess oils typically happen when the fungus imbalance occurs. The sebaccsous gland excretes more oils to try and expel the fungi and bacteria from the follicle. The answer is to deep cleanse and detox where the hair follicle lies and that is where the bacteria and fungus also grow. Deep Cleanse and Detox!!!

Can I Use Head and Shoulders On My Beard

You can but it is designed as an anti fungal and it has some pretty harsh detergents so you do not want to do this for any type of extended period. It also does nothing to detox the hair follicle. This is vital in getting long term results. Detox and Purify the hair root and follicle is KEY!

Can I Use Zincplex on My Facial Hair

Yes, Zincplex is a 22 year old product that has a cult type following and has original customers for its original launch so many years ago. It is uses the zinc pca and herbal complex that breaks down and deep cleanses the hair follicles whether it be on the head or on the face, eyebrows. When you see the before and after hair root pictures it is like it dissolved the sebum pugs and the bacteria and fungi that show up the micropscope on the before pictures of the root shows that it is gone after 1 month of use. 

Beard Itching and Flaking Products


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