Saturday, February 20, 2021

Hair Odor Smelly Scalp - What Causes This and How To Get Rid of This Syndrome

 Smelly Hair Syndrome? Is there really such a thing. Without a doubt yes there is. But if you are reading this you might already know that it is. Can your scalp odor really smell sour, like cheese, even like vomit or like you never washed it all?

Yes Your Hair Can Smell Like Mildew, Sour, Stink Just After You Wash and Here is Why!

It's really your hair it is the fungus and bacteria that are trapped in the hair follicle that is emitted the odor. Overtime your scalp's major defense system, which is the ph level of the skin is changed with traditional store and salon shampoos and conditioners. A very specific ph is vital to keeping fungi at bay. The other thing that hurts are the sticky hair gels, hair sprays and even the residue from shampoos. These act like a fly trap for dirt and debris and it is trapped where the hair exits the scalp. The trap is called a sebum plug and it creates an environment that is perfect for bacteria and fungus to thrive. When this happens to enough of the follicles you will start having many different types of symptoms including the smelly scalp or smelly hair syndrome that people talk about.

What Do I Do To Correct or Remedy Smelly Hair

A very special herbal and zinc based shampoo was created almost 20 years ago to eliminate major symptoms to other issues such as seborrheic dermatitis, severe itchy scalp, sores and scabbing on the head and similar tough problems. Sometimes these were in conjunction smelly hair.  What was found out is that this shampoo and lotion therapy worked for many different problems and one that it is extremely good at correcting is the odor from a sour scalp and even sticky hair syndrome to name a few. 

How Does The Shampoo and Lotion Work For These Hair and Scalp Problems?

The main reason is an ingredient derived from zinc along with a purifying herbal complex. This herbal complex is so amazing it has been studied in labs to show that it breaks down sebum on the scalp naturally and without harsh chemicals. This blend works to eat way even hardened sebum build up on the scalp. The amazing zinc has a pca chain added. Zinc Pca has been proven to be a natural anti bacterial an anti fungal mineral to destroy bacteria.

Better Than A Clarifying Shampoo - It Is Purifying!

2 Steps In One Shampoo and Intense Therapy With The Scalp Lotion that penetrates deep. 

1) Herbal Blend Concentrate Removes Sebum Deposits and Build UP at and On the Root for the follicle to be able to expel bacteria and fungus that cause the smells.

2) Zinc Pca is a natural anti bacteria and fungus mineral that travels deep into the follicle to eliminate the real source of many of your symptoms including that mildew, sour smelly scalp odor that you are having. 

Smelly Scalp Syndrome Treatment


For those that are wanting a solution then click below and see why This Zinc Complex with The Zinc Pca and Herbal Complex that we mentioned above has been a best seller for over 20 years. OVER 20 YEARS of success and each year it gets tweaked to make it a little better. The results are guaranteed. 

Don't Wait For This To Get Worse - Try Zinc Plex Today!

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