Monday, February 22, 2021

What Will Dissolve Sebum Plugs On the Scalp or Skin

 What Can Dissolve Away Sebum Plugs On The Scalp

The natural way that the body works is for the sebacceous gland to produce enough sebum to help keep hair and skin naturally hydrated. It is also nature's way to help push out bacteria, dirt, grime and even fungus and bacteria from the pores or from the hair follicles. This process works really good until a couple of different things happen.

1) Build up of sticky shampoo residue or hair gels and hair sprays hold dirt and grim and collect at the follicle opening. These tend to hold onto the pollutants and grime and they begin to slowly close the opening. Once this plug starts to occur the sebum gland may actually start to produce more oils because they are not pushing out to the scalp as they should.

2) The next step that begins to occur can cause many different problems. Once the hair follicle begins to close down on the hair shaft at the opening it is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Remember that these natural occur on the head but now conditions are perfect for an imbalance of these to occur. Many different scalp problems can occur when this happens ranging from folliculitis, painful scalp bumps that won't go away, pimples on the head on the crown, hair line and back of the head, itching, flaking and much more.

Can Sebum Plugs Cause Hair Loss or Thinning

This can also cause hair thinning an loss. This happens because the oxygen and nutrition needed in being pinched off by the inflammation in the follicle. This is why with conditions like seborrhea or seborrheic dermatitis you can get hair loss. The longer the oxygen and nutrition supply is lessened the worse it could be in terms of thinning. It can diffuse or in spots.

How Do You Get Rid of These Scalp Oil Build Ups

For nearly 20 years we have studied some of the best and well renowned vitamins, amino acids, surfactants, oils and more. We have found that there are few things that work really well - but when two were combined the results were phenomenal to dissolve sebum plugs

This Build Up Not Only Close The Follicle It Can Surround The Hair Root Itself  and Be Hard Like Candy. Look at this picture and you can see the golden rim around the hair through the microscope and you can also see how the dirt, bacteria and fungus have attached to it. This all must be cleansed away. You can't just do the sebum. You have to purify it all if you are looking for lasting results and a return to normal growth and health for your hair.

You can see the buildup and remember that this is all beneath the hair follicle. For hair and scalp health to return this plug has to be dissolved.

We spent years researching by checking the products that we created with the microscope. We could see what actually worked and how long it took to work. The product that was created used a very special blend of herbs and also the ZincPCa mineral that does so much more to help destroy the fungi and bacteria. Remember that all of this has to be remedied or symptoms will remain. 

Here Is The Product That Was Created To Detox The Hair, Scalp and Follicle

"This is one the best scalp cleansers on the market because it allows the herbs to do the work to help restore balance to the skin and hair on the head. "

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