Monday, February 22, 2021

How To Reduce Sebum Production On the Scalp

 What Causes Excess Sebum Production On The Scalp

There are several factors that increase sebum production. Genetics is one of the larger players. Just like you get your parents hair color and skin color you can also get be predisposed to have oilier skin and hair. However, this should only be the case during your teen years when adolescence is occurring. Mild oily or dry skin in adults is not out of the norm but for those that have oily hair and scalp issues that don't want to seem to dissipate here are some causes that you may want to look at.

Causes Of Sebum Balls, Beads, Waxy Build Up or Over Active Sebaceous Glands

1) Using harsh shampoos that strip away too much of the sebum on the scalp can trigger the thermostat that tells you sebaceous gland to produce more oils. Find a shampoo that does not have such harsh chemicals or that is too drying is your best bet if this is your problem. We have had great luck with the emu shampoo and emu conditioner to help with this. These are omega oils and they sink down into the layers of the skin on the scalp. This turns off the sebum gland from over production and your hair is never greasy or oil but it will be super soft. 

2) Excreting Scalp Oils is the body's natural defense against fungus and bacteria. If you have not deep cleansed the hair follicles and then detoxified them you most likely will want to. This is more than a clarifying shampoo. You will want to open sebum plugs that gather around the hair follicle. You will want to deep cleanse down inside the hair follicle and allow bacteria and fungus to expelled out of the follicles. The ZincPCa Shampoo has a form of zinc that is natural anti-bacterial mineral and the same with fungus.

Here is What The Sebum Build Up At the Hair Follicle Opening Can Look Like 

Removing these is vital and then make sure to remove or expel the bacteria and fungus that grow inside the follicle when the plugs were present. This will slow down the body's need to over produce oils.  

Zinc Pca Has Been Proven To Regulate The Amount of Sebum.

It acts like a thermostat so that the body does not over or under produce the correct amount of oils. 

The final ingredient that you need to know about is the long chain zinc and pca combined mineral that has been proven to regulate the sebum gland so it will not over produce sebum.

Since 2001 Zinc Complex Shampoo has been helping men and women eliminate scalp problems by opening hair follicles and freeing them from over production of hardened scalp oils that clog follicles. The zinc pca also regulates the amount produced to prevent greasy hair and scalp problems associated with excess sebum also called seborrhea. So if you were wanting to know how to get rid of scalp build up and reduce sebum production then you have the correct products.

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