Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Does Emu Oil For acne Scars Work?

 What is in Emu Oil

This oil is one of the richest in Omega 3's and 6's and 9's. The fatty acid chain in this is like no other oil out there. You will here some talk about Olive Oil, Jojoba, Coconut and similar but none of these really can do what emu oil can. It has so many impressive properties for skin and hair that it didn't take long for it to bust out onto the market. But most main stream beauty manufacturers prefer to use other oils - why? Because they are cheaper. Its that simple. It you put the amount of oil and purify it the way that you should the oil is not cheap.

Why Is Emu Oil Good For Hair Skin and More?

For years it was one of the oldest traditions in the south to use Emu oil for scrapes, scars, burns, on the skin and hair. Many believed that it blocks to hormones in women and men that cause a lot of issues. The hormone is dht. It is responsible for facial hair in women and hair loss on the crown or scalp for men. Many believe that a significant decrease the above mentioned occur with just a few drops a day rubbed into the skin.

Beneficial Properties:

1) Anti Inflammatory

2) Deepest Penetrating Oil which is important to reach the deepest, cellular level reproduction levels of skin and the dermal papilla of the hair.

3) Loaded with natural chain omega fatty acids. Remember that every cell that is reproduced on the body needs these to reproduce optimally. This is why many people report darker hair growth (normal hair color versus grey), the reduction in appearance of scars, smoother skin that is vibrant because of extreme hydration and the same with hair. The hydration occurs from the inside out.

4) Too Many Benefits to List Here

Why Does It Work On Scars.

Two important things need to happen to work with the scars. The 1st thing to determine is how old is the scar or if you are trying to prevent scars. Scars are skin that was damaged and with this often comes discoloration. The best approach is to help remove the hardened dead skin and then help the area produce new and vibrant skin in that area.

Here Is To Use The Oil For Scars That You Have Had For A While: 

Emu oil will help to soften the skin in scarred areas. So scars that have been there for a period of time from acne, pimples, surgery, c section or just about any other reason you will want to use emu oil for several days to hydrate and soften the skin. Then use a good microderm abrasion cream to help remove the dead skin cells. For raised or pitted scars this step is vital. Then apply the oil daily. You will still want to smooth skin 3 to 4 times per week with the microderm cream. This is a gentle process so don't over do it.

What To Do For Newer Scars

Right away get to the Emu Oil and apply 2 times per day on the area such as cheeks and forehead. You will notice that if you are still suffering from acne that it will help to calm the acne caused by hormones and also pimples caused by bacteria or even fungus. You can also use the microderm cream for scars but make sure to be gentle as the newer scar does not have the hard skin cell build up like the aged one does. 

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What To Do For Prevention of Marks and Skin Stretching

This is almost always in preparation for women's tummy's expanding from getting pregnant and having a baby. We strongly suggest emu oil to prevent stretch marks. I personally can attest to this one. My skin would feel like it was ripping if I even skipped one after about my 4th month. It was a daily thing for me. After I had my child I did not have a single mark. Granted I was very generous with the amount of oil that I used and I made sure to use it daily. But not one mark. The same with my second child.

If you are thinking of trying emu oil we can't suggest enough that you do. It is truly one of the best healing oils for not just the skin and scalp or hair but also for other issues that you may or may not heard of. Because it penetrates so deep it is one of the best carrier oils and this means that the other potent ingredients in the products are also carries through the skin with it and this means much better results. Skin hair and Joint products efficacy is based on deep penetration


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