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Does Stress Cause Hair Loss Or Other Scalp Problems like Itching and Flaking

 Stress Can Wreak Havoc On You Hair Growth and Health

Stress has an affect that is more like a chain reaction. It is dominoes that continue to fall down the line. One of the 1st things that happens is that the body refocuses blood flow when there are critical stress times such as a loss of a love one or an event that is marked and important in your life. These are not chronic but instead referred to as acute

Is There Anything You Can Do To Help With Hair Problems During Stress Times?

Stress Can Cause Diffuse Thinning Or Hair Loss in Spots Anywhere On The Head

In both men and women the effects of stress vary but both can see patchy hair loss, diffuse thinning, grey or greying all over, in spots and sometimes in one concentrated spot. Read below to see what your best alternatives are. In over 22 years of study and research the products below are what we feel give the best opportunity to set the playing field back to level. 

3 Things You Must Do To Keep Hair Healthy During Heavy Stress Times

These are the 3 things that you should focus on to keep hair growing as it should be growing. It is important also for both men and women to do specific things to help keep your natural hair color. Grey or greying hair is one of the most notorious effects of chronic stressful times.

1) Feed Hair Omega's both topically and also internally. The best topical for hair to add omega's in a natural chain and not broken down is with emu oil. The old wives tale of it preventing grey hair and evening darkening hair to its natural color. For prevention we know that it is true for darkening we have many of our customers that say that it helps to restore their natural hair color in a subtle way. But it won't be as much as if you had a die job. The #1 thing that we know it does it feed the medulla the necessary ingredients to grow properly. This is huge because stress diverts nutrition and blood flow to major organs. Your hair is not. The blood supply that feeds the hair is micro at best. Topically applying omega oils in a form that will penetrate into the scalp is vital. 

We believe that there is only 1 way to do this and that is with Emu Oil. You can use the Emu shampoo and conditioner or also the topically applied oil. The oil itself is going to deliver the most nutrients directly to the root.

2) Blood Flow Must Be Stimulated to the hair root. We believe that this is vital as it will also help with vital nutrition that comes through the blood vessel. Also topically applied vitamins to aid in protein formation (hair is made up of amino acids that form protein chains) is vital. For this we believe that the Biotin Hair Topical is the best product. 

3) Hair Vitamins - Not just any vitamin but those that are specifically designed with the hair and skin reproduction in mind. These are the amino acids and many of the b and similar vitamins that are needed by the body to produce the long and short protein chains. The vitamin formulated with ENS Bio is just for hair and specifically designed for getting the hair and the skin to grow optimally. This means that the diversion that is caused by stress can be alleviated by supplying the system with an abundance. Remember that stress in one day of your life will tax your nervous system physically the same way as if you had run a half marathon. You must replenish.

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