Sunday, March 7, 2021

What is The Best Clarifying Shampoo for Product Build Up

 What Are The Top 3 Clarifying Shampoos?

The answer is that we don't know but before you leave understand that you don't want a clarifying shampoo. There I said it. That is not what you want. Why? Clarifying Shampoos simply strip everything away including the most important outter layer of skin that it is the #1 protector of your scalp in many ways. It is the lipid barrier so it holds moisture in and keeps bacteria and fungus at bay. Fungus like the same fungus that causes dandruff and other scalp conditions. You want scalp buildup removal without the harsh damaging effects. But how?

What Shampoo Will Deep Clean Without Stripping and Remove Product Build Up Without Destroying The Lipid Barrier.

Now that is a much better question. A large portion of that is going on with hair problems to day is because of fungal and bacterial being aggressive an the normal balance swinging to their side. When the scalp is healthy, the ph of the scalp skin correct and the follicles open then scalp problems are kept at bay. 

What Shampoo Do We Use To Melt Away Scalp Build Up Including Years of Sebum, Product Residue and More?

Zincplex! Without A doubt, hands down, the best way to deep cleanse, restore balance and allow proper balance with ph and fungal growth to occur. The researched blend of herbs is just that. Researched for nearly 20 years now and tweaked each year to be able to dissolve the excess sebum build up. Zinc pca is a known and proven anti fungus and anti bacterial natural ingredient. The synergy of these natural ingredients beats the harsh stripping and we guarantee that you won't have to deal with the issues that happen after using harsh clarifiers on your scalp and hair.

Go to Zincplex Website at to see Before and After Hair Root Pictures

We have searched and have not found any other company that shows before and and after hair root pictures of those that have used the product to remove the sebum build up, scalp plugs and clogged hair follicles like Zincplex does. You can see the results as far down as the root of the hair. This shampoo is more than a fresh start. It is a clean start for optimal hair growth.

Try Zincplex Today and Let It Remind You Of What A Super Healthy Scalp Feels Like. And with that comes healthy hair growth. There are a lot of hair issues that come with product build up and the chain of events that happen if the root is not cleansed. Try It Today. There are quite a different places to buy Zincplex online. Great for women and men and hair types from normal to oily and even super greasy. Guaranteed Results.

If you are having a lot of scalp issues and your hair is more on the dry side or maybe you scalp is then you will want to try the jojoba deep scalp cleanser with argan oil that is also made by Zincplex. 



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