Thursday, January 16, 2020

Do Scalp Sores Cause Hair Thinning and Hair Loss?

Based on our experience they can. It is also our opinion that once the cause of the head sores, rash, intense or severe itching is controlled the inflammation is drastically reduced and the hair then grows back fuller. Depending on how much inflammation and how regular the hair may remain much more thin or even vellus.

So What Are The Causes Of Scalp Sores or Even Scalp Inflammation - Redness, Itching, Flaking?

We believe that there are 4 main causes of these.

1) The 1st is the main fungus called malassezia furfur. It is been shown to be at high levels in people with dandruff and even higher levels with people that have seborrheic dermatitis. This fungus grows on every single scalp. It is when the delicate balance gets our of control that problems begin. The fungus can be piggy backed up by other fungi and also by bacteria. The most important thing is that the scalp's natural defense system is now out of balance.

2) The 2nd thing is bacteria as found in problems like folliculitis and also scalp acne, pimples or bumps. This is worsened by sebum plugs or clogged follicles that are the perfect breeding ground for fugi and bacteria.

3) The 3rd are hormones mainly the dht hormone. For may men this simply just causes the hair to thin because of the inflammation that it causes and the squeeze that it puts on the blood supply. It literally chokes the blood supply away. That is why products that are hair blood vessel stimulants typically work for a time is because they stimulate blood flow acting like a pump to bring blood and oxygen to the dermal papilla of the hair or root.

4) the 4th is stress. Our entire next blog post is going to be about stress and how it affects the hair and scalp and what can be done - so w aren't going to say much here. But we will say that we believe Zincplex Shampo and Conditioner works well on all these issues.

The ingredients were designed to open up all hair follicles and free them of unwanted invaders and flush them or unwanted hormones that are flooding the follicle and finally we use herbs to stimulate minor capillary blood flow. The form of zinc that we use is also a very good anti bacterial, anti fungal and also a great hormone blocker.

Not to mention that it helps to get the correct ph back to the scalp to help fight these and it is not supposed to be a balanced 7 like most companies would lead you to believe.

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