Sunday, January 19, 2020

Itchy Face and Scalp Causes? What Works Best

For may people the itching and flaking on the scalp can also be found on the face, around the nose, cheeks, eyebrows, top of the forehead at the hair line and behind the ears. Foe some it can also be found on the chest. The fact of the matter is that it can happen anywhere that there is a hair follicle - and that doesnt mean a thick hair. The hair can be very small, vellus or just small an thin in general.

Why does the itching, flaking and redness occur there? Simple that is where the sebum or oils are produced. Based on years of hair analysis that we have performed we have found some common denominators with regards to scalp issues and facial or body skin itching and flaking.

If the skin is oily or the scalp seems to be functioning with an excess amount of sebum the most likely cause is imbalance of bacteria and fungi in the scalp and skin. Once of the best things to do to help this is help your body to restore balance. In these people it is tough to say which is causing which. Is the excess oil feeding the bacteria and fungus or is the body excreting the oils to try and push the bacteria and fungus out of the hair follicle. Either way we know that when the oils are controlled so are the symptoms such as the flakes, redness, inflammation, itching and more.

One of the easiest and best things to do is to wash your face and hair daily and sometimes two times per day if things have escalated. However, we found a mineral called Zinc pca and several herbs that really work well to not only help removed any hardened sebum in the hair follicles, these ingredients are also known to be anti bacterial and anti fungal and the zinc is also a sebum regulator. This is huge because it helps the hair follicle to put out enough oils but not too much.

If you are having these problems on the face, eyebrows, beard, ears, scalp or even genitals - anywhere on the extrenal part of the body then definitely check and see why the Zinc PCa products are consistently voted as the top solutions for symptoms associate with all of these. I know because they changed my life. I had all the symptoms above and more to be honest.

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