Friday, January 31, 2020

What Causes A Sensitive or Tender Scalp To Touch

What Causes A Tender Scalp?

If your head, scalp skin or even when you comb you hair it feels tender there could be quite a few different things going on. First of all if you have not seen a dermatologist, doctor then I would just to rule out a few things. However, most of the time here is what we have found to be the problem - scalp bacteria, fungus and or yeast. These cause some serious inflammation inside the hair follicle the entire scalp pays the price.

Do Medicated Shampoos Work On Scalp Tenderness?

Most medicated shampoos simply try to destroy the fungus and the symptoms of the fungus or bacteria issues. What really needs to be done is the scalp needs to be rebalanced with the correct ph which is oe of nature's most intended and original ways to fight bacteria and fungus on the scalp. The 2nd that needs to happen is that hair follicle itself needs a detox

How to Clear Clogged Hair Follicles?

The reason that it can become tricky is because the fungus and bacteria can actually get down inside the hair follicle and hide behind things such as hardened sebum or even dirt and sebum plugs or clogged hair follicles. This allows the bacteria to proliferate.  The result is a serious build up of these and the itching, tenderness, flaking and much more can get out of hand.

This is also why most traditional and even medicate shampoos don't work. They don't ever actually reach the root of the problem. To get the scalp back to healthy it is out belief that we need to open up these clogged hair follicles that cause a tender scalp.  We also believe that the follicles must then be irrigated and purified.

On the right side you will see the inflamed hair follicle. Where it shows the plug- the build up of dirt and grime will be underneath growing as if it were in a greenhouse. The trick is to remove the sebum plug but most, as in almost all are not designed to do this.  Zincplex was designed just for it. But more importantly it is not a medicated shampoo. The ingredients do have anti fungal and anti bacterial properties but it is the herbs that will help to dissolve the sebum plug.

Zincplex has proven itself as the leader in creating the perfect environment for healthy hair and scalp growth. This is huge as there are many factors including the ph of the scalp, herbs used, how harsh are the surfactans, what preservatives and any more factors. 

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What Causes Tender Scalp

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