Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Scalp Odor Causes and Finding The Best Smelly Hair Shampoo

One of the most asked questions that we get is what are scalp odor causes. the cause of smelly scalp or hair is typically the very same cause as body odor. This results from when the delicate balance of fungus and bacteria both good and bad on the body get out of balance. What most products want to do is simply kill some of the bacteria or fungus and hope that everything goes back to good. For people that suffer long term this eradication gives short term results but for something longer term you have to look at what you can do to restore balance to the skin and scalp - mainly the follicles.

What Is The Best Smelly Hair Shampoo? Zincplex

Why the hair follicle is important - whether it be the follicle on the head or anywhere on the body. The follicle is the housing unit where hair growth occurs and it is designed very well. However, because it is a pocket that does down into the skin it can also be a breeding ground for quite a few different bad bacteria fungus and even yeast. When it comes to smelly hair shampoo you have to get to the root of the problem.

More so the top of the follicle can become closed off with many different hair pollutants, sticky hair products, hair gels, hair sprays and more. What most people want to do at this point is clarify but it is our opinion that clarifying shampoos don't get into the hair root to eradicate the build up that allows bacteria and fungus to breed and camp out.

So what is the magic ingredient for all of this? we stumbled onto a company that was using an ingredient called zinc-pca. They were also doing some high level testing on seriously strong herbal complex. You see most people use a 1/2 percent herbal extract. These people were using pure extracts at much much higher levels. This peaked our interest. Watching the testing blew us away. Personal use of these products with the zinc and also these showed us that with out a doubt this was the future of hair care. Well, we should say hair products that get results. 

Can this Fungus Cause Scalp Bumps, Seborrheic Dermatitis or Acne - Scabs?

This same fungus can also cause many different issues like scalp bumps and scalp dandruff . A seborrheic dermatitis shampoo needs to be able to handle this issues mentioned above otherwise it will be an everyday battle against itchy scalp, flaking, redness, yellow looking dandruff, extremely oily scalp, sebum plugs and more.

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