Friday, January 17, 2020

Can Stress Cause Hair Loss Thinning Scalp Sores and Other Problems?

Without a doubt we think that stress is the most overlooked cause of may different health problems and that includes your hair and you scalp. You will also see a lot of skin problems with people that suffer from either chronic or acute stress.

Acute stress comes from situations. We have had people contact us that have lost a loved one or lost a job that caused major financial troubles etc. These have all been linked to the sudden hair fall and loss that they had. It can happen to men and to women. Chronic can be more of a slower result on hair and on the scalp. Many people that suffer from skin rashes, burning or itching scalp - some claim it feels like fire. They also say that they feel like they have a super tight scalp skin. This is all related to stress and stressful situations.

What can you do to help your hair and scalp?

If it is acute and based on an even - most of the time it will take a little time but as you adjust the event things will slowly bring themselves back to normal. Without a doubt the top things that you can do are proper nutrition - most people when stressed quick eating or binge eat. Remember that during stress the body will plow through and burn nutrition. So you almost need to act like you are running a marathon every day and give your body what it needs as it is going through it.

The other most important thing that you can do is to stimulate the blood flow to the hair root. These micro capillaries that feed the hair can be squeezed no different than stress and heart attacks. During stressful times everything seems to constrict or tighten. This limits blood flow!

Hair Loss and Stress

Finally, when the blood flow is not as good this is when fungus, bacteria and yeast can begin to thrive. Having ingredients in the shampoo that help to fight these off until normalcy returns is absolutely huge for those that want to prevent long term scalp problems resulting from a stressful event or even long term issues.

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