Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Diffuse Thinning of Hair In Women and Men

 What Causes Diffuse Thinning In Women's and Men's Hair?

For most of us there are only a few reasons why the hair begins to thin and the result can be either diffuse or at times it can be accelerated with spots of hair falling and with stress it can also be chunks that fall out. However, here is the low down and what you can do.

What Causes Hair Fall?

For diffuse thinning in women the 3 common culprits are:

1) Stress To The Body - Mental or Physical. This means a shocking event or similar that causes you to mental feel a large amount of stress. This could be a lost job, a relationship that goes bad or even the passing of a family member or close friend. 

But it could also be body stress from a physical event such as a pregnancy, surgery, trauma to the body and similar. Both of these have a similar affect. In all the years of studying hair we were able to determine if stress was causing hair thinning because when we did microscopic hair analysis the hair bulb or medulla when turn yellow. 

2) Especially in women diffuse hair thinning can be from hormones. Dht is the hormone that testosterone is converted in to. There are things that you can do to really help with this. Here is some important information about dht and how to reduce the amount of dht hormone is the scalp hair follicles.

DHT is converted from testosterone and for this to happen an enzyme named 5 alpha reductase is how the conversion occurs. This enzyme feeds off the scalp oils. The greasier the scalp the more abundant the food source for this enzyme. By deep cleansing away clogged hair follicles and really helping to purify the follicle this allows the sebum to keep moving and not just sit inside the follicle as a food source. However Zinc PCA is also one of the best dht blockers in men and women and it is natural. 

3) Clogged Hair Follicles Also Known As Sebum Plugs. The if have oily hair and scalp issues at all then we cannot stress enough how important it is to open up the follicles and remove the grime and all the buildup on the scalp that plugs the follicle. Problems such as sticky hair gel can cause hair loss by blocking hair opening, residue from shampoo and hair sprays or treatments

What Can You Do To Help?

So when you use Zincplex you are combating DHT 3 different ways and all very important. 

This is why Zincplex gets such great feedback from women and men. We also suggest using the Scalp Scrub ( click here ) to open up clogged hair follicles so that the sebum flows as it should. 

1) Deep Cleanse The Hair Follicle And the Follicle Opening

2) Irrigate and Flush The Follicle to Allow The Flow or Sebum, Bacteria, Fungus and Other Pore Clogging or Congestion particles. It also helps to irrigate the build up dht and of course the sebum that the enzyme uses to make dht in the follicles and attach to the hair root.

3) Use Zinc Pca To Block DHT

Shampoo For Diffuse Thinning

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My Suggestions: If you have not used a scalp scrub to exfoliate the scalp and remove the crusty or waxy buildup then I strongly suggest you do this. This also includes the herbs and zinc pca to help melt away the hardened and crystal sebum deposits as well as sebum beads and balls in the hair.

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