Wednesday, April 14, 2021

How To Get Rid Of Smelly Hair and A Stinky Scalp

 My Hair Smells Even After I Take A Shower or Wash My Hair?

If you have a sour smell or even a cheese, sulfur, onion or similar smell on your head then you may have what is called Smelly Scalp Syndrome. There are a lot of different theories of what causes this but what mot believe is that the stinky part occurs when there is a buildup of sweat, sebum, fungus, yeast or bacteria. It can be a combination of all of them of just some of them. A Sour smell with an oily scalp most likely has the fungus component. If you are having itching and even some flaking then fungus and sometimes bacteria are involved. If you are getting a crusty build up of hardened sebum then the oils and bacteria may be on the outter part of the head but inside the follicle is a fungus and often a yeast. The fungus is most likely malassezia.

If you have a waxy white build up then sweat, yeast and fungus are most likely involved. Remember that a certain amount of these is normal. It is when they spiral out of control that symptoms are produced. The symptoms can be bad. 

How Do You Remove The Bad Smell?

One of the best thing to do is to remove the hardened sebum plugs that can cover up the openings where the hair exits the head. This build up is called sebum plugs and they wreak havoc on the health and growth of you hair. They can cause everything from as minor as damaged or breaking hair but it can be as difficult as thinning in women or men. It can be spot specific like on the crown or temples or it can be diffuse thinning. 

We recommend the Scalp Scrub and Also The Zinc, Thyme, Sage, Fenugreek Shampoo. The scrub does a good job of unclogging the openings from the sebum plugs and crystallized or hardened oils that can be little balls. However, the scrub can not exfoliate down into the pore where the medulla of the hair grows. This is where the SHAMPOO is so important. If you can flush out the yeast, microbes, mites,  fungus and bacteria. It will also help to remove the food source which are the oils produced by the sebacceous glands. 

Step 1 - Scalp Scrub

Step 2 - Zincplex Shampoo

Step 3 - We Strongly Suggest The Conditioner or Scalp Lotion For Long Term Results. It will help to eliminate a bounce back and helps to get the proper ph to the scalp. It is a protection that is hard to find. The lotion will also help with any mite problems that you might be having as well.

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