Thursday, March 19, 2020

Hand and Surface Sanitizers are Back In Stock! Anti Viral Properties

Had Sanitizers and surface sanitizing sprays are in need right now and we have the mist spray cleanser as well as the hand wash that includes the herbs, zinc pca and essential oils that have anti viral properties.

These sell fast so make sure to get yours now. Washing your hands is key but disinfecting areas is absolutely huge with the recent news on the virus. In his Statement Yesterday President Donald Trump said that the Cornona Virus is more contagious than originally thought mainly because of its ability to live on hard surfaces. This means everything from your computer keyboard to your phone, grocery carts and touching counters at stores etc. This is why the mist hand and surface spray with 70% alcohol and all the vital ingredients that are known to combat viral,bacterial and even fungal germs are included.

This can be purchased in a 4 oz bottle or it can be purchased in 8 oz bottles and 32 oz refills.